Dinner yesterday

So I grilled a whole head of cauliflower & it was delicious!! You don’t have to follow a recipe or menu for it to be healthy.  Eating right is about taking flavors you love, & making them better, not forsaking what you love for the flavorless & mundane. Yuk!

Cauliflower – take the whole head, cut so that all leaves are removed. Place in a roasting dish upside down, so stem & base are up.

Drizzle olive oil over entire head. Dump minced garlic all over so it gets inside the head.

Place the pan on the grill. Depending on the temperature of grill for other foods, just cook until it gets to a nice tenderness.  I grill roasted mine at 220° for an hour while we swam, then threw on some salmon fillets.

Finished off with some cucumber lime water for myself & a Corona Light for Hubs.

Just sucking!

I’m about to unload, ya’ll. My smartphone screen has a film of sticky. So glad I have an Otterbox w/ screen protector. My yoga pants, which I’ve worn for close to 40 hours, have dried food, boogers, milk, juice, & a little pee on them. My head has felt like a helium tank filled it, & some fat kid is squeezing it. My tongue & throat are coated, & have sores on them . . . I guess from the high steroid dose & my pinchant for acidic foods. It’s been that way for 3 days now & is sooooo aggravating. My sinus drainage will go back to being NOT dried up (benefit of steroids is they dry up your sinuses). My nails are so long I’ve even scratched myself a few times. And my two kiddos have been tearing through this apartment like the friggin’ Warner Brothers character The Tazmanian Devil the past few days. Been trying to nail down a few urgent items for Cub Scouts before the school year starts back in a month. Started taking Mobic for the swelling in my back, but still waiting on them to call & set up physical therapy . . .

Did I mention that I gained 11 lbs in 9 days, thanks to those damn steroids?? Not to mention bloating. Yeah. That totally pissed me off. I was trying to lose weight, & now I gotta lose even more. Damn, that just sucks. So, giving up soda is the first way to cut calories. In its place, I am determined that I will substitute vitamin water. Sans chemicals, so I spent hours yesterday chopping fruits & veggies. So far, so good today. I had one beer. *Have been starving since yesterday.*  Hours on my feet, so guess whose knees & back is hurting? Yup. This genius right here! My left foot is tingly-numb, so I may have to call ortho if it keeps that up into tomorrow. And Hubs is in a major crunch at work, so we won’t see him much this week.

So, do you have a feel for where I am right now? Throat trying to close, tongue has that burned-from-hot-food feel, one foot is numb, back throbbing, head feels as if it is filled with extra air, and my nerves are completely shot to shit from kids acting like total crackheads.

I am laying on our new I-comfort bed by Serta. Sheets don’t fit, as this mother is 12″ deep. Who cares though, this matress is amazing, & well worth every penny. Easy to say when I don’t make the money, but actually, I consider being a housewife as the hardest damn job I’ve ever had, so deserve half of Hubbb’s salary-easy. And Diva . . . I just don’t know what’s wrong with her. But if I die of suspicious causes, I’m just saying, I wouldn’t be surprised.

We’ve now been preparing for bed 1.5 hours. Her screaming has ceased. They only lasted maybe a minute. She is now back in her crib & silent, at the moment. However, said silence is going to break as soon as I get up to go pee, and my bladder is telling me it “can’t take much more,” much like my sanity, or back.

Good news-Diva has been singing & jabbering so much lately.  That is excellent. Today. Today’s happy has got to be having breakfast with the kiddos. I wish I could just feel good, free from aches & pains or allergies. But it’s looking like that may just be a pipe dream.

Tomorrow is library & swimming!! It will be great. Hub’s got his vacation approval today, so I’ll be looking at hotels soon. We are pretty stoked about that.  Otherwise, it’s just been a crap day, but at least I have my family, & honestly, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’re mine. And I’m theirs. Just wish . . . For more happy.

Peace, bitches

Steroids: A real bitch

So, I’ve gained 9 lbs in 8 days!! Will be going on a radical diet starting tomorrow!! Hope Orthopedist clears me for yoga & exercise. This is very uncomfortable.

Good news, my big ass will be whipping up healthy, low-cal creations, so check in.

Cucumbers, cilantro, limes, lemons, peppers, zuccini, & cauliflower will be highlights this week. And ZERO soda.

Southwest Zuccini Salad

Okay, for a super quick & yummy side dish, give this salad with a southern flare a shot!

1 zuccini – sliced with a peeler or mandolin slicer
1/2 cup pico de galo
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 TBSP lime juice
1 TBSP olive oil
1 slice chopped bacon

This is delicious!! We all really enjoyed it tonight.  My son got a jalapeno seed, & was done, but a milder pico would have been fine. We ate all but a spoonful. **Next time I’m adding an avocado.**

If You Haven’t Worked a Day in Your Life, You Probably Don’t Love Anything


Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. I love that quote . . . But have to agree. It’s still work!

Originally posted on The Indisputable Dirt:

You’ve heard it before, the beloved aphorism from the ever-intriguing Confucius;

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


I’ve also heard it attributed to Albert Einstein, but the internet tells me that Confucius coined it, so we’ll go with that. Regardless, you’ve probably seen it in the form of a meme, pinned a thousand times on Pinterest, shared on Facebook, tweeted on twitter, etc…


 ^stuff like this^

I understand why the quote is so popular. There is something inspiring, something hopeful about it. It is just poetic enough to sound reasonable, just vague enough to withstand any serious scrutiny.

The only problem, of course, is that it is almost entirely false.

If the phrase was not so oft-quoted, if I did not think it influenced people’s decisions, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But from where I stand, this…

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Worse in person


Believe me. It is much worse in person. It is physically impossible to maneuver one’s self from one side to the other – any other – side without stepping on something.

And what kept me from having a total meltdown, complete with tightened chest & hyperventilating, was my wondrous, hyperbolic daughter smiling peacefully at seeing me return home to her. That smile has brought great calm to me today, & hearing my son having so much fun with Hub’s has kept me from pulling out my freshly-styled hair.

Tonight, looking at this hell-pit, I can say unabashedly – HAPPY WON!!

GET YOUR HAPPY! Be joyous. And live moment by moment. I hate the irrational fears. And too often I allow them to dictate my day, or else fall victim to my silly obsessions.  Nobody is going to die from my messy floors. I actually believe that right now. No harm will come. I’m not talking long-term psychological damage – (shit, uuugh, gotta fight that thought now) – but a friend or family member being murdered because my floor is messy (gross understatement). But I am calling that fear out.

I swear, having OCD is, at times, like a bad horror movie. You know you shouldn’t stand near the window, but you’re helpless to move – because you’re cast to stand there. It just has to be that way. And your very thoughts consume your will to fight back, then all your fears mount up against you, and you do anything you can to quieten those fear monsters – rock, pull hair, tripple check the doors – all doors, wash & rewash hands, clean, clean, clean.

Well a big fuck you, irrational fear. Nothing horrible will happen because I let my kids have the best time today . . . Or if I don’t literally break my back cleaning it tonight. I’m gonna enjoy some snuggle time with my guys while Diva sleeps. Because life is far too precious to waste, or idly watch happy slip by unrealized or enjoyed.

Peace, bitches!

Get you happy. OCD can wait.

Untitled Mess

I returned from my hair appointment a bit ago. I imagined it would be bad, but as I got out of my car, I could hear screams of elation coming from the second floor. My son opened the front door & graciously welcomed me home. Nothing prepared me for such a sweet welcome from Diva. She was genuinely happy to see me.

I walked through the sea of toys, food, & towels (a soda was knocked over) covering the floor to let Hub’s see . . . Bombarded by chatter from all three. Something about diahrea for a disputed amount of time. As I bent over to kiss Hubs, Diva interrupted to show me something. Something on her fingertip. And it was doo-doo brown.

Dayuuum. Dayuuum. Daaaayuuuuuum!

So we head upstairs to change her diaper, which she’d “fixed” about half an hour prior, and get the shit off her finger, while explaining we don’t put our hand in our diaper.  I’d fed them lunch before I left, but they were starving upon my return. And, needless to say, no nap for Diva. There had been video games, bad behavior, lots of fun, some punishments, but Hubs enjoyed spending time w/ the kids. Win!

I got Diva squared away, & served up some snacks. My hair looks amazing. I even put on makeup.  My back was not loving sitting still for 2.5 hours, though, & so I took a muscle relaxer, & am now sleepy as all hell. But we broke the base, added platinum highlights, & finished with a gorgeous toner. Love it!! Even Diva touched my hair & said “oooohh.”

Get your happy, & don’t let OCD snatch it away. Cleaning & decluttering can wait. Kids aren’t kids long enough – so let them enjoy wallowing in toys a while.

Peace bitches!

Watch “How to change the brake pads of your car” on YouTube

How to change the brake pads of your car: http://youtu.be/A129SM9S54A

I seriously about peed myself laughing.  Get your happy on. Even if it’s through physical comedy.

Busted bunker


Well, it was mutiny, I suppose. Diva demolished Boo’s stuffed animal bunker. This is a pile of the casualties.

In a fog

Yesterday the high in DFW was 69°. Texas & July? Why yes, it is. This week has been a blur. We got a new bed Tuesday. Serta icomfort. It’s delicious. Really alleviates stress on our joints. And they say it could take a month to fully enjoy it. Nope. Already are.

However, back to the fog. So Wednesday we went to the library. Both kids have long legs & skinny waists, so adjustable waistbands are a must.  But right as we get to the library door, Diva’s skirt fell down.  Damn elastic came unfastened & slid out of reach (will need my crochet hook to fish it out). We didn’t have time to run home, so I just folded the waist down & we were continuing on.  Boo was entertaining himself while we sat off to enjoy toddler-time in the children’s area, singing, dancing, stories, & rhymes. Well, this time lasted 8 minutes before Diva bolted for the doors. She ran off in search of her brother. They both came around a corner, Diva at full-speed approaching me when her skirt fell to her ankles, she came to a sudden stop, pull-ups showing, reached down, grumbled at the skirt, then pulled it up.  Scooped up kiddos, gathered books to check out, ran to the self-check computer, & we were on our way.

We ran home so I could grab new bottoms for Diva before making our way to Jaguar. They performed some engine upgrade to Hub’s car, & now the damn fan runs loudly after the engine is off. Freaked me out. 

So, I run in & grab a change, & decide to pee real quick. Then realize my underware is on inside out. I feel stupid.

The flexoryl impacts me much less than vicodin, but still makes me sluggish; like I’m in a fog. But I’ll take sluggish over bombed outta my goard.

This week Diva has been atrocious!! Hitting, slapping, throwing, throwing tantrums, screaming, fighting sleep, & my personal favorite; telling me no (defiant little wretch!). And Boo hasn’t been any better. My nerves are shot to hell. Terrified that at any second one’s head will spin 360° & start shooting pea soup from their mouth. Putting bets on which one will be more seriously injured from their rough play.

I am so exhausted. I get to go see Nicole Saturday for highlights. And will run a deli tray to a friend who burried her husband last night. Uuugh. I still can’t wrap my head around that kind of loss.

Nor can I figure out who gave my kids crack!! For the love of all things holy – why can’t Boo develop a migraine & Diva hives??? Is that wrong to wish for a reason tp meficate my little monsters? These kids need medication. My medicine is working, but no back yard & two holy terrors . . . God hasn’t put a plant on the earth that could ease that kind of mental anguish!! It really needs to be sunny & hot as hell because these two wild cats need to go swimming!!! It wears them out so they are too tired to get me this frazzled.

Currently, they have built a bunker of stuffed toys in the living room floor. Quite impressive, actually. I think my head is going to explode. They are going to kill each other, I fear. Just caught a crayon with my face. Oh I love my life.

My happy, tho, was a moment of complete lunacy. All three of us were singing at the top of our lungs as we were driving to do our errands today. I’m talking all of us belting-out words, complete with arms flailing & heads-bobbing. When I finally realized people could, in fact, see us while we were stopped at a red light, the singing turned to laughter. Riotous laughter. And it was absolutely contagious. And it lasted several minutes. My joy comes from when these two are strapped into one place. Funny. Wish I could install car seats in our apartment. It’s the only way to keep them from imminent danger caused from the other.

Guess I’ll run for now. Keep hanging on for dear life. It is dear. And this crazy ride slows to a stop way too soon. Get your happy!

Peace, bitches.

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