Best guacamole ever!

3 avoccado Smashed to hell with a fork (remove meat from skin & discard pit)
Half can of diced tomatoes
1 Tbsp dried cilantro
Half an onion finely chopped
1 small jalapeno finely chopped
Juice from one lime

Mix all & serve with thin tortilla chips, cold beer, and frozen marguaritas for an instant great time!

The day after

Well, the snow was gorgeous to drive in, but I made the hubby drive back home in the. Ice. I fell asleep in my clothes & jewelry last night. Klonipin makes for a great rest when you take enough.  The boys are on their droids, baby’s asleep, and I am about to clean up & take down everything until my klonipin kicks in.  Damn winter storm knocked out our internet, so no music, no netflix, no hulu. . .  I gotta get busy before I have a meltdown. Happy boxing day. Oh, how I need to get back into boxing!!! Later, kiddos.

OCD blows!!

Almost started blowing chunks last night. I ended up wrapping all gifts after hubby & baby went to sleep, around 9:30. I crased around 1:30, & up at 7:00. I am excited & overwhelmed. Have been baking since I got up.  Klonipin is not working! Baking helps,  so did making my signature candy. Baby is napping after. Sleeping 12 hours, but I just want my son now so badly that I just want to throw up! Still baking like Martha Stewart on crack. Will do laundry, too. Going to have a glass of wine to help settle my nerves. That irrational fear that my son will stop loving me (normal) or that he will be attacked by killer ants (crazy) just makes me so nuts. I need a punching bag, tape, & gloves! My tummy is in knots! I feel like I did before jumping on an 8-passenger prop plane in Belize.  Anyone else? Yoga doesn’t help. I need to get my aggression out!!! So, I’m baking. Who the hell is gonna eat all this? Uugh!


So, dropped baby with my parents, hubby got hair cut, I picked up Klonipin, cold meds, and a fancy meal in case North Texas sees snow on Christmas, and we are stuck at home, and now to have a glass of wine, start baking while I have a few loads of laundry washing and drying. Man, what a great afternoon!  By the way, the post office delivers early, FedEx delivers on-time, and UPS, well, you gotta chase those bastards down!  The Christmas dash to deadline has begun!!!

New recipes

I’ve been busy in the kitchen & will  be posting 2 new recipes soon!

Ain’t that a bitch

So, I chased down a UPS driver after the 2nd day of seeing “Out for delivery.”. Funny, Fed Ex and the US mail has no problem finding my house. Yep, had a phone in one hand and bare feet – running down the street yelling like a crackhead, but hey, I got my tablet & am up and running. Yeah me! Now, to play. This will distract me till I get my son back. Yes, my husband is the best! Merry Christmas, ya’ll.

feeling better . . . like a rant!

I stand with Israel.  I also, being a Texan, stand with America.  So, if San Antonio decided to start bombing Austin, I’d have a problem.  I wouldn’t want San Antonio to become its own state recognized by the frigging UN!  Who the hell does this group of lunatics calling themselves the United Nations think they are?  They either openly support terrorists, or openly oppose freedom . . . either way, those jokers running the UN all need to have their member rights revoked, as they are clearly buffoons incapable of complex thought.  Now, a quick history lesson.  British citizens, soldiers, etc. “invaded” a hostile land a few hundred years ago, and bribed the “savages” for their land . . . then took it, some might even liken it to what happened during the 4 day war in Israel back in the 60’s, I believe.  Just hear me out here . . . The way I see it, since “Native Americans” were the original owners of this land we Americans call home, do they have a member voice at the UN?  Hmmmm?  Shouldn’t they?  If they give non-member  to any organized people out there, shouldn’t Native Americans have their own statehood?  I mean, really, If we count their casinos & reservations, as well as all the people on their rosters, I think the UN should seriously consider adding Native Americans, if we are being fair.  Hell, let’s just give all the land back.  White people, move your asses back to Europe, Hispanics, back to your respective countries, Africans, back to Africa, Asians, back to Asia . . . NO!!!  That is what makes this country GREAT!!!!  I am a mut, myself, with many flavors of ethnicity, and I’m grateful for my colorful and rich heritage.  It doesn’t mean that I should be recognized by the UN, nor should the terrorist Palestinian factions – they use children as human shields, for God’s sake!  Who does that?  Cowards, lowlife . . . who have no respect for themselves, others, or any form of life, yet some jackwang believes they deserve to have their inbred ideas accepted as credible in a modern society?  The world has gone mad.  Live and let live – that is all Israel wants.  And all those against Israel, well, I hope one day you open some books, speak to both Israelis and Palestinians, get a true feel for both sides, then make an educated decision, because if you back “Palestine” as being a legitimate state, you obviously are sadly misinformed, or are simply a nazi, and hate all Jewish people in general.  No wonder Bush thumbed his nose at the UN – they are idiots, and deserve little more respect than closing the door before urinating on a white carpet floor.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Yeah, that means I’m fucking crazy.  You know, the last week, I fear that if I go to sleep before 1AM, something terrible will happen to my dad.  Yes, I’m aware how ridiculous that sounds.  Imagine how ridiculous it feels, not to mention bloody exhausting!!!  I have gotten a lot of cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and decorating done, though, and have perfected my espresso making skills.  As my precious baby snores, I’m sitting here, but since it is after 1, I can go to sleep.  The worst part, is how I am aware that my behavior is not normal, crazy in fact (yeah, up yours, doc – she gets so pissed when I use the word “crazy”), but I just can’t stop myself.  I try. I know I need to stop, but I just can’t.  I can’t.  I don’t know why.  I try, it just doesn’t work out.  I realize I’m doing something that is “strange/crazy/not-normal/unnecessary, but have to do it anyway.  Although, I’m better about the door locking . . . just not lately, though, but for over a year, I’d been better.

I try to distract myself . . . yeah, that works – not.  Wine helps.  If I’m intoxicated, typically I’m too useless, or lazy to recheck all doors, including the cars, 3 times each.  And yes, 3 is my number, ya wanna fight about it?  Maybe I’m not crazy – my dad goes into have his first radiation treatment tomorrow.  I’m scared as hell.  Perhaps all normal people do stuff like this when that evil, godless word, cancer is involved.  Oh, how I hate that word!!!  Hoover DAM!!!!

And somebitch, it’s not my precious daughter snoring . . . it’s the damn dog!!  Uuuugh.  Why do we have a dog again?  snoring loud as hell!  That just makes me jealous as all get-out.  All I can think about is my dad.  When did he stop being a superhero?  When did he start aging?  What the hell?  When did he go bald?  I see him at least once a week for the last 3 years . . . but sometimes, you see someone without really seeing them, I guess.

I remember being 5 and my dad was invincible!  He was the best, smartest, coolest, strongest, most perfect, heroic, and handsome man on the planet, nothing could ever hurt him.  Nothing!  Everything in the world was afraid of my dad – even germs.  Even rain, and wind.  Even bullets, and now, this evil cowardly, wretched cancer has him a captive?  Oh hell no!  I think the doctor needs to check her shit again before my sister beats her ass, and this time, I’ll let her.  I won’t even try to stop her.  Hell, I may even join in.  I wish I could fight this for him.  It’s not fair!  He could beat any foe.  Cancer does not play fair.  God should fix that.  Let’s just hope that the next 3 weeks go quick, and he’s cancer free by Christmas.  Obsessive Compulisve Disorder . . .

I’m gonna finish my glass of wine, and call it a night.  XOXO.

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