Sweet goodness

1 shot Pisco Porton
2 shots Amaretto
1 Mint leaf crushed
Juice from half a lime
Pour over ice
Add 7Up to taste

Enjoy on a hot day after working in the yard! Perfect!!!


Like my life needs any more drama. . .  Yesterday afternoon, after I had spent all day with doctors, at Target, both Diva & I are sick, some realtor wants to show my house and gives me a little over an hour’s warning.  Sick Mommy has a demolished kitchen!! Not to mention the laundry, and Diva having strep throat is gonna have most of me for the next several days.  The electrician is coming Weds to fix the ceiling fan light in living room, I, like a moron, agreed to another open house this Saturday, realtor says house is overpriced, the dickhole we are suing for fraud & non-payment sent a package that should have gone to our lawyer, in Houston, to us, in Dallas, so I had to spend $60 to make copies & ship, and lawyer is in his Dallas office this week, so I get to make more copies today, being sick, and with sick Diva, then drop new copies off on my way to see thge therapist.  Yeah, we all know I’m batshit crazy, I just hope she doesn’t commit me.  Now, I have to jack with my insurance agent because she didn’t cancel a policy I asked her to last month. Then get home in time to get Boo, then turn around & drive him back for his jujitsu lesson. Have I mentioned how much I hate not having my car? I know it is the OCD, but I am not comfortable.  It is not mine. It doesn’t belong to me.  And Diva is out of control!!! Sick, but wants to be in everything, and if I stop hert, she has the saddest, most pitiful-sounding pout/cry thing. Her throat is very irritasted, so her voice is hoarse. She rarely cries, even now, just screams.  Uuugh. Gonna be a great day. Plus, this is the first dasy in 2 monthes that I am on my own.  I have had my neighbor to help, since she got laid off, but she went back to work today.  Well, gonna go take my meds & see if I can start feeling better, then off to run errands all day.

Ahhh hell no!

So, my back yard is covered in snails, right.  My son is going to be in the class play as an earthworm.  So why, exactly was it that I made him a tule, canvas, & glitter-painted snail shell as part of his costume? See, folks, this is what happens when I am under too much stress & pressure – I crack. I knew I should not have quit drinking! See what happens when I am sober?!?!  Nothing good will come of it.  At least it is all hot-glued, so it can all be undone.  On the upside, Boo has his costume, I just gotta rip some tule bullshit off.  All good.

Grown-up Coke Float

Equal parts Godiva white chocolate liquor & whipped cream flavor Vodka.  Pour over ice, then add Coke or Coke Zero, until glass is full. Kick back, and enjoy a classic childhood favorite, with a special treat for yourself!

Being the best

I have decided I am going to give & be my best, and leave the rest to the Big G!  I have all but killed myself on this house, my kids, my husband, my grandmother, and thgen feel guilty because I wasn’t able to do and be more.  Well fuck that! Fuck all that shit!  In a month I will have my Jaguar back (getting new engine from UK) because it fucked up good. I am about to play Battleship with Boo with 9 pieces total because the rest are – you guessed it, IN A BOX!!! Okay, it has 13 pieces, not just 9. Am gonna get us the a new version today.  It is gonna be a good day, or so help me, I will lose my shit!!

Oh and I will make my son’s costume today, as long as I can find my glue guns, and we’ll go see my folks again today, and it is going to be good! Huge week ahead! My son has a solo!!! Phone hearing, therapist session, Boo’s school play, recoat & seal the table,  and hope my husband gets well so he doesn’t get fired. No stress.

I am so over stress & drama.

My awesome life

Okay, to recap the past week, let’s see. . . My grandmother has taken a downward spiral with her disease, I now have a deeper hatred for Alzheimers, as well as Jaguar, while we are on deep-seaded hatred, as they cannot seem to fix anything. It is like they have McGyver running the joint, using duct tape, bubble gum, & a prayer.  Not at all what I expect from a luxury car company.  They have put me thgrough the ringer! I also hate mental hospitalization, which is what happens when an Alz patient is stuck in a general nursing home – they can not handle the hell cat!  We increased the doses of my ADHD meds & my OCD med.  However, while it gives me more energy & focus, when I need a Klonipin to fight anxiety, rage, & frustration, I am all but falling asleep, so I hate feeling that way. I also despise having to live out of boxes stacked in the garage, unable to find anything when I need it, or in a timely manner. Fevers suck, too, and Diva has had one low grade for 8 days now, thanks to 4 godless teeth coming in! My poor husband has yet another round of acute bronchitis & sinusitis (most likely from his trip to Europe). And, he just got over jet lag. I also hate it when Diva fights sleep, which is constant, along with Boo’s whining! 

Positivity: Thanks to my bf & neighbor, plus parents & sister, I have been able to get a lot done. I baught a hexagontal plkay yard for Diva, which she loves because she is in control of what shge does, plkays with, and when/if she sleeps. Also, Boo got straiught A’s, (I owe him sushi & hibachi), & recieved the highest grade for science in his class!

Now, I am also positive I start thgerapy Tuesday. Positive that we’re never gonna sell this house, and pretty sure I am close  to a nervous break-down. Oh yeah, another positive is the ceiling fan fixture in the living room. The one socket that kept blowing bulbs is no longer a problem – now the entire fixture has stopped working, so now I get to find, call, schedule,  & pay an electrician.  Oh yeah, the kds toys that are neatly stored looks too busy, so I have to start hiding them, too.

Wonder what the reasons are for medical marajuana? I feel the desperate need to see the West coast all of a sudden.  At least Diva is asleep for the moment, so I can play with Boo for a bit, before working on this fucking house.

Wish us luck on Thursday that our lawyer & dear friend kicks ass on Thursday, so we can finally get the back pay Hubs has been owed for almost 2 years now!  Can you believe this? Either God thinks I have the mental strength of Sampson, or He has a serious sence of humor, and is getting a kick out of watching me find creative coping strategies.

I want to enjoy my kids, and all I can do is work on the house, and bitch to help me keep it clean.  I say fuck it.  You wanna look at my house, you can see my house. I am not going to mop, vacuum, & dust daily, so good luck, bitches!

Well, fuck me!

Alzheimer’s sucks balls!  One of the most influential women in my life is in a care facility because of that shit disease! Today, I drove an hour and half, with no motherfucking nav system because when park place jaguar fixed my husband’s backup camera, they fucked up the damn display!!! Guess how happy I was. How can I trust them to do anything quality? Why the hell buy from them? Crest Cadillac ius starting to look better & better, just wush they had a 400hp V8!

Now, back to the two-hour meeting we had with the facility head nurse.  My grandmother is ownery, cantankerous, a smart ass, and just doesn’t give a general fuck, but she is hardly crazy enough to be transferred to a psyche ward!!! I requested a 2nd opinion, and if that matched the other evaluator’s opinion, then fine, just get her new meds, which requires a stay at the psyche ward??? Why?! Well, they don’t specialize in Alzheimer’s, and the head nurse said they are simply not equipped to deal with her, so, off to the rubber room she goes tomorrow.  And there is not one red-hot-fucking thing any of us can do, just accept it.  Ain’t thatsome fucking shit.

To top it off, Hubs has a sinus infection & acute bronchitis. So, I’ll be his driver tomorrow (hydrocodone boy ain’t driving). Boo made straight A’s, so has award ceremony @1, then house showing 3-4. 

I seriously want to get my house foreclosed on, and move into a townhouse. I’m so done with all of this stress. I need something stronger than my meds -I need to move to friggin California!!! I have become a wino instead. 

Southern Hot Mess


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