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I’m now selling ACE & Saba Adaptogens, which are amazing, and I’m just now a brand new seller of Thirty-One.  So, now I can help you organize  (your mind and your house, car, and office, and everywhere in between.  My Thirty-One website is: https://www.mythirtyone.com/375465/ so check it out.  I’ll be happy to come to you (DFW Metroplex) whenever you’d like to host a party, or you can visit, as I’ll have online parties all the time, as well, as just order direct from me.  However, if you host a party, you get loads of perks, so that’s a better deal.

It’s 2 AM.  I took my ADHD meds late in the day, instead of first thing in the morning, and now I’m wide awake.  Will probably crash as soon as I hear the baby wake . . . Let’s all hope NOT.  But, I have a good reason to be stoked – I’m selling Thirty-One now . . . and I love an organized home as much as I love having an organized mind – thank you Saba Adaptogens.  My website for Saba is still under construction, but I’ll post it soon enough.


I’ve been a little busy, otherwise, which is why no recent updates.  I tackled a few beasts for my parents, now to find them new digs, since their house just sold in 6 days!!!!  Diva is now walking, I am going to the gym everyday, because my husband is awesome!!!  And deserves a hot wife – I lost 20 lbs in a month, hit a plateau, so now I’m hitting the gym.  I’m gonna be one fit Mamma by my 39th!!  I even dropped a ring size!!!  Getting settled into the new townhouse, but missing the extra living area & bedroom, but otherwise, all good.  I got a Mom’s helper to come last Friday, and she & I worked our tails of 11 hours to organize the pit we were living in.  Boxes everywhere.  Along with my consultant kit, I also ordered a few organizational tools from myself earlier.  Can’t wait.


What else?  Boo is doing great.  He is becoming quite the gentleman.  Of course, I’ve had him so busy, he laid down beside me this morning, and we took a 2.5 hour nap together.  I loved every second getting to hold him in my arms again, and he wasn’t even sick.  I made a new awesome friend, who is helping me to get & stay healthy, and what NOT to contaminate my body with, and how to shop smarter.  I already have friends who have been helping, but now I’ve got a weekly play date as a reminder to chose wisely, or my body will pay the price, and that goes double for my kids . . .


Wow.  I might actually go to sleep soon.  My tablet died . . . just got Keith’s back from Sony, so I’ll be calling them tomorrow to have them fix mine.  It won’t charge.  I let it die a few days ago, and now it won’t come back on, even docked.  That sucks.  Okay, that’s all for now.  Just remember to get busy living, or else you’re busy dying.  Focus on the big things, then all the small things will fall into place.  Yep, I’m just full of insight.  Night, ya’ll.

Floral pieces








Floral arrangements custom creations by Southern Hot Mess


I love my husband. I love him very much. I expect,  however, that over the next 20, 30, 40, etc., years, I will continually grow to love him even more.

Along with my ADHD, OCD, & anxiety, I also struggle with rage.  Rage being the opposite of depression on that spectrum.  I guess fight or flight, and my bat-shit-crazy ass got the Irish genes when it comes to temper.  My dear, sweet husband, however, was not as lucky. Somewhere in his Czech/German ancestry, he was blessed with having to battle depression..  I guess that is where my sister must have gotten her depression tendencies – that’s only after the Irish temper has gotten the better of her, too.

I cannot imagine not wanting to move, much less not being able to move. I can’t fucking sit still!! My feet are kicking while I type.  Seriously, I always have to be doing something productive.  It is so hard for me to comprehend him NEEDING excessive “down-time,” however I know it is his depression crippling him.  I know he wants to help lift my burdens, but he just can’t.  If only he could remember how good it feels when he has accomplished something, even if it means just bringing a smile to my face.

I have my own demons, and they are meant for me to deal with, and I trust God has given or will provide every resource needed.  The one thing I always have is hope. Hope that whatever happens, I will land on my feet, and end up exactly where God intended, even if there would have been an easier, more direct route, there was some path I had to walk, some knowledge or insight to gain, truth found, relationship enrichened, or toxic friends removed, no matter how comfortable they were. No, Erin, not talking about you!

But, I am rambling.  What I am trying to say is for those suffering from depression, I wish I could make you see that those thoughts are lies! Lies you tell yourself or lies asshole jerkoffs have told you, and over time, you allowed yourself to buy into. Lies! You are great. Just the way you are.  Everyone has their baggage; we are all damaged, and if anyone puts you down, it is only in a desperate attempt to increase their own low self-esteem, which you should immediately acknowledge as pathetic & weak!  For those that battle the demon that is depression, you are strong! You are mighty, you are tough, and when you get down, pull yourself up, face down those fears of inadequacy, they are false. I speak the truth.  I am not sure who God intended this for today, but know you are loved by an amazing, mighty, and just God, and really, in the grand scheme of things, that is all that matters.  Fuck the haters! Love yourself & hoiw you are – right now.


Diva is having a total meltdown & I gotta get Boo. Latahs!


Found out the hard way that, although my dear, sweet husband is my hero, he is no Captain America.  He passed out on the chair.  Poor baby. He married a crazy chick who loves to tend bar. 

Captain America

1 shot each:
Coffee tequlla
Coconut rum

Cuz unless ur Captain. America,  you will be on your ass after this one!

Pisco lemonade sour

Pisco porton
Lemonaide (any kind)
splash of lime juice from concentrate

If too bitter, add fresh mint, or a splash of cherry grenadine


Happy Friday!

Southern Hot Mess


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