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Stupid tablet

So those last posts were sitting in drafts.  My bad.  Thx, K for fixing it.  Now you can all enjoy my lunatic rants.  BTf’gW- I think having ADHD sux balls!  Now that I realize I AM, in fact crazy, and ppl I thought were straight nuts, are in fact sane; it just leave a taste of funky shit in my mouth.  Talk about your “well somebitch” moments! Man, I read several chapters about adult adhd tonight, and not only could I identify with every single flippin symptom, then I read than in 5% of cases, medicine is not a long-term solution, no current medications work.  Ain’t that a somebitch?!?!  So, no wonder it all started falling to shit after a few months, and changing meds, and doses did very little.  My brain is a special kind of fucked up.  No wonder I exhausted my therapist,and shrink.  No f’g wonder!!!  Guess I am back where I started – utterly fucked & on my own. Damn western medicine! Damn big pharma.  Wish someone could help.  Hubs found therapist for us to try out, so we’ll see, but, since I am off my meds, I will warn her up front not to be stupid or waste my time.  Fix me or fuck off and let me find someone who can.  This really sucks, and lucky for me, it gets worse over time. Yippey!  Good news is, my house is, or WAS before dinner, clean and even freshly mopped.  Night, ya’ll.

Things that piss me off

If you can not get your vehicle into traffic, please stay the hell home!  On Preston, north of Legacy, it is a 7 – lane, divided highway, and is clearly marked 55, so why the hell do I have to slam on my brakes (& horn) when drivers unable to stay in their own lane, feel compelled to wander into my lane, with half a car length, and are going 30 miles per hour?  What the hell?  This is why our representatives should be forced to pass vehicle legislation requiring all vehicles with seat belts to have standard blind-spot notification, because worthless sacvks of shit that should be drug in the street and shot are too inconsiderate of other people, they cannot be bothered to get off their phone to look over their pathetic shoulder before changing lanes.

But, our reps are concerned with making political statements, on my damn dime, and furiously work to revoke my rights to free speech, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and to bare arms, to protect myself, to express myself, and to worship my chosen god freely!  I gotta say – what the fuck?!  Busy screwing me, their mistress, little boys, organized religion, and the working middle class.  Well, fuck those assholes!

In addition to bad drivers, political correctness, and our elected officials, I am a wad of anger.  I swear, if I didn’t have happy juice, I would be miserable.  Oh yeah, and stop friggin’ arresting, chasing, and harassing pot-heads!  What the hell did they ever do to anyone?  Fuck, what the hell did a pot-head ever do period?  Yeah, leave them alone, too.  I swear, I am gonna write a book.  Damn no-driving, no reading, no-caring people make me wanna wretch!  Then you got the small-minded dim-wits who are concerned with stupid petty issues that should be handled on the state level.  Government needs to fucking govern, starting with a damn balanced budget, then getting the dipshit in office to shut his fucking mouth unless he has something half intelligent, non-racist, inoffensive, non-derogatory, and pro-American to say.  Didn’t his grandma teach him manners?  I’m just saying. . .  Night.

I am out.

Government, fucktards, idiocy

Hell ain’t bad

So, my landlord never got my rent check, Diva screamed all morning, Boo was pretty good, tho, hubby is having a meltdown, but I DID pay, now gotta pay $75 extra, saw a tornado, and it created two spin-off tornados, ran back to rv park, after being stuck in traffic.  Adaptogens. . .  Thank God for those!!!  Oh yeah, misunderstanding last night between my mom & sister, which upset mom & dad, so I thought I was texting her, but instead chewed her ass on facebook, so she dropped me as a friend, and It appears I am now blocked.  I deleted my ugly post as soon as I realized I fucked up, but it was pretty bad.  However, on fb makes it soooo much more humiliating, not to mention embarrassing! I apologized, told her it was supposed to be a private text, but now she is noit answering my texts.  Oh my.  I am afraid what will happen next.  Also, the bastard-fucks that owe my husband $24,000 in back wages are forcing us to settle.  Our attorney is losing interest, they have very limited funds, but I think they are fine, and that this company is a money-laundering front!  At any rate, we r getting a little over $2k. 

What a crock of fucking shit!?!? My sweet husband poured his heart and soul into that company.  Oh well, whatcha gonna do?  Wish a horrible death on them all? Move on, and if a place can’t pay you, nothing personal, but quit, site getting non-payment, and still get unemployment.  Do it immediately, not months after the fact.  Better yet, don ‘t work for a startup!,

Seriously, after the week I have had, the dark lord himself does not scare me.  I will kick his ass. I am in no mood for even one more thing to go wrong!!!

Epic fail!

Lesson learned

I have colored my own hair, done the tips, done roots, hell, even cut it a few times (vicodin), but I had yet to turn it blue.  Until yesterday.  I felt like a wet cat looking into that mirror.  Then I had to have it fixed. Oh, the horror and shame.  This descriptive experience
is lost on straight men.  I was in utter disbelief.  I had over-processed my hair.  The roots were brassy, and the blonde had reached a platinum blue.  20 years from now ok, when I am pushing 60 like a bad habit, sure, fine. Blue hair. But not now.  So I put a hat on and drove myself to the gym, as the spa/salon is inside.  Ahh, the real “walk-of-shame” .. .  Then to explain what I had done, what brand, etc., to the two men gasping in terror.  Could it be fixed? Will we burn her scalp? How best to proceed.  Oh my.

I sat there wanting my natural hair color, grey & all, for the first time ever.  Just go black, I thought. Jet-black.  2 hours & 4 colorings later, the blue is hardly noticeable, and my hair feels soft and bouncy.

Oh, Diva is a little rock star, shrieking at the top of her lungs, so I gotta run, but just wanted to share my recent tragedy, and quick recovery.




Private clearance sale on Thirty-One

If you wanna get in on a 70% off clearance sale, please e-mail me do you can get an exclusive invitation with a link, or you can go to my site, This Thursday!! If you want to try a great line at rock-bottom prices, get them before they’re gone!! No personalization, tho, but at these prices, who cares?! All sales on this are final. Also, if you want to do a party, let me know!! If I can’t come to you, I’ll find a solution!! This is more than just a product line, it is empowering women to be strong, and this particular sale will be benefitting children!! Again, ask me for more details!!!

I quit!

I fired my shrink!! You know after 38 years, I can live with ADHD & OCD. But after a few months on all kinds of meds, I only noticed a moderate improvement of my symptoms, and getting to my appointments with kids, and on time . . . That’s adding even more stress!! So, I decided to quit. Quit meds, quit shrink, and am feeling good after 1 week drug-free. Taking herbal supplements seems to help, but mainly, this is on me to take control of. It’s not like depression, I’m not sad – I’m friggin’ hyper as shit, bat-shit-crazy, high-strung, and foul-tempered. Get over it. Either like me or not, like I give a damn. Hulloooooo-I’m rude, tactless, filter-free, and off my meds, people. I’m living large & loving life. And now, while wild-child takes her nap, I gotta get cleaning!!

“Brown” the color of shit!!!

Ya know, UPS? “Brown?” The color of shit – ‘Cuz that’s what cha get -with Brown” should be their friggin slogan!!

I remember when the Post office used to take a week or more to deliver between DFW & Houston. Now, it’s the next day, and less than half a dollar! Bow that’s what I’m talking about!!

Brown! You bag of shit!! In the last 8 months, you have pissed me off at every turn! It’s taken now 7 days to get from Ohio – and less than 2 lbs!! And it’s “out for delivery”. My favorite was last week, in Dallas it was sunny & 90’s, and they said it was out for delivery, 2 days in a row, then, “inclement weather” in Dallas? What? The driver had to take a swim, or drop a few friends at the pool?

When did the post office get more efficient than a privatized company?? What the hell happened to UPS? Why is every package I order “out fir delivery” for days?

UPS: You suck!!

Hell’s not so bad

I live here. It really isn’t that bad.


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