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So. WW3?? That’s what we thought about Desert Storm. However, those presidents had a pair. W may be a a lotta things, but pussy-footing around, giving a fat-fuck what ppl thought, letting other countries make us feel bad for being “American” was NOT  his style. Not sure I ever heard an apoligy cross his lips. Once to me personally when he stepped on my foot, but for being an American – kiss my ass mire like it.

So, Obama wants to flip-flop, yet again, & go to war. Doing a comoletecabout-face on everything he said he stood for. Just where the fuck does he stand on anything?  I don’t think even he knows. He just stands where he’s told. It is not really his fault. He started out with noble ideals. Being a communuty organizer affords you the luxury of not having to understand how politics really work. However, leading a strong nation to look like a bunch of vaginas, well, that he is good at.  I guess his grand father didn’t tell him you can’t please everyone, because dammit he had sure tried – At least with Islamic, and Communistic countries, by apoligizing for being from a fucking GREAT country. WTF, I say. He gets goon squads after Replicans, tries to turn blacks against whites, tries to destroy our fundamental rights, taxes the shit out of us when we are in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, and now he thumbs his nose at our Congress & Senate, after the Benghazi scandal. You would think this man would look behind him in the wake of chaos he has caused, but no.

Okay, time for psychic Stacy’s prediction center:

1. We go to war against Syria.
2. Iran retaliates by bombing Israel.
3. We declare war on Iran & Syria.
4. Israel kicks into full-gear -yeah Bubbie.
5. Russia, Iran, Syria, China & co. Declare war on US, UK, & Israel.
6. We get our asses kicked & become a Russian/China state. If you don’t like communism you are killed. If you don’t convert to Islam, you & your family are raped, tortured, hung upside down on a cross to die. 

Now, does anyone remember how Vladdy & Barry are friends & both hate Netanyahu? Anyone? Barry’s parents & step-dad were communists. He is trying to disarm us. He is trying to warm us up to socialism with Obamacare & the idea that we should share the wealth with those who don’t work, & trying like hell to start a race war so there will be civil unrest here at home so nobody will notice whst’s going on behind-the-scenes. We will be destroyed.  He’s (I’m predicting here), already made a deal to stay in “power” here as the Head of the Soviet/Chinese States, and the true American patriots will be picked off, or forced into coercion. Life will remain unchanged for many.

My question is this, what about all the big business companies he is gonna screw-over? Who will buy luxury items? Like mortgages? Cars? Clothes?

This is the only possible outcome.  This is the only way. Well, I gave said my peace.  America was a great dream, and that is what I will tell my grandkids.  It WAS a GREAT DREAM.

Fon’t like it? Tough shit. It is what it is. I’ll have to get used to it & move on. Too bad for my book – it would be banned & burned.


No, not a big-ass party. The kind where you and your daughter are driving down the road, then boom! Diva slept thru it. We were fine. My wallet is $500 lighter.  For ONE tire!! Uugh. Luxury vehicles. I could have bought a full set for my truck for that price. Geez. Happy anniversary! Right here at the beginning if school, b-days coming up, registration & inspections due, now gonna need 7 more tires. Yep, that’s $3500 (we have matching Jags-seemed like a good idea at the time). Oh damn.

Today my joints ache. Doc said no caffeine, so I’m drinking a coke – less than the coffee I make. It is cooler this morning (below 80 & after 8am!). Gotta do dishes befire playdate!! Another busy day, but hopefully not as fun-filled.

And, last Tuesday sucked, too! Some ceackhead jumped in front of my car at an intersection!! Motherfucker! Dented my hood & scared the fuck outta me. Still rattled about that, so at some point, I may retell it for your shared disbelief.  I still contend he jumped in front of me. I did NOT hit him!

Looking forward to Friday tge 13th. That always breaks mt bad luck. That’s when I was born.  Perfecto.  Oh well, I gotta roll my ass up off this couch. Later, bitches. Peace.


Ever just want to take a baseball bat & smash everything? Then just vacuum it all away in an industrisl shop vac? Ever been so excited, but the person you want to be excited with is kinda preoccupied? Ever want to move forward, but your car sticks in neutral? Yeah, I hate those fucking days, too.

Being an adult does blow!

But being a parent, well, that is a whole new level, sometimes.  Like earlier this evening when my son quoted Red Dawn, “you bunch of pussies!” Thankfully, the initial shock steeled the laughter long enough to discipline him with strong disaporoval. But then there are those questions every parent dreads; where do babies really come from; why do bad things happen; Is God real? What happens when we die . . . And we hope we give a good answer, and sometimes have to admit we just don’t know, but hope . . .

Then there are those questions that hit you in the gut like Jason Statham on a really pissed-off day: Why did daddy leave? Why couldn’t you just let him have a girlfriend? Or the ones that keep you up like a bad piece of pizza: Why can’t daddy have feelings for me?

When your child is hurting in this way, you just wanna run a motherfucker down.  You wanna throat punch the sack of shit that didn’t raise a better man! In short, you wanna beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker.  You just want it to stop. You wanna take the pain away, and all you can come up with is, “That’s just his way,” and “he does love you.” 

The words seem even emptier when I read them aloud.  How the fuck does that help? Every fiber in my being wants to scream he’s just a sorry-ass-bastard-fuck.  Fucktard, fucking tool. Fuck!! Did I mention I have a particular level of hatred for being a parent right now? I fucking hate it. My son needs a mom, but he really needs a friend. Someone who understands what he is going through, but my parents are still married. So are my husbands. Hell, even fucktard’s parents were until his dad passed away just a few years ago, rest his soul. Fucktard, however, is on wife #3.

This sux balls. Not fair at all. I know my son is strong and will make it through, but he deserves better. Just saying.  I’m a bit pissed at the world & frustrated.  Why DOES God let shit like this happen? “Not for us to ask.” I call bull shit! I’m asking.  There has to be a better way. An easier way. He is just a little boy!

Check this out

I can’t wait.  Great info to site in my book!!

Ahhh damn.

Ok, so in a FB post to my mom, I said if there are ever any real journalists, I’ll go back to work (as a journalist). It was in response to a quote that I LOVED, and quoted to classmates & a professor, more than once while living in the uber-conservative Lubbock, Texas (guns up, by the way!!).

*Paraphrasing* Basically, A journalist brings things to light, otherwise they are simply a PR agency.  Ok, so that may have been what prompted me to get into reporting – bringing about headlines to get a name for myself, & my favorite political views, & friends.  But something tremendous happened. While attending University, a scandal unfolded, not linking, but in fact showing proof my mentor, a Congressman I dearly loved, and whose daughter had been my best friend, had been privately accepting money from the groups he had been campaigning against.   Lemme just say that kind of betrayal & hurt cuts deep.  I suddenly found myself enraged.I had a fire in my belly!! I wanted to uncover crap being kept hidden from the American people. This was bull shit!

Government scandals go way back!! It is up to our media to be our government’s watchdog!! Keeping our elected accountable.   However, over the last 5 or so years, it has been a PR agency for the current administration. Why?  Seriously. Why? What the fuck is going on? Why do they report fake scandals & allow real tragedies to go unreported? Why do they glamorize the immoral, and shame ‘the good guy’?

Well, back to my promise – Jonathan Weil has got some balls. He is actually a reporter. My hats off to the man.  Going against the mainstream.  So, I may have to stick to my word. I want a news organization NOT on a mission against an administration, but against Big Government CRUSHING the American spirit, anyone trampling our Constitution, making a mockery of his or her office.  I want every crooked motherfucker on-the-take who is hurting the American people in order to line their own pockets brought to light.  Not like I’m asking for much. I am sure other PR agencies will try to knock good people down, & corrupt bastages will attack honest people. Bring it, bitches!!

So, here is my resume, CNN, FOX, ABC – anyone with balls & wants a reporter who is out for bloody justice! You know how to find me.

Hatch chillis

Ok, so it would appear I am allergic to hatch chillis. I just finished crock potting dinner-roast, onion, mesquite & lime marinade, hatch chillis, lime, fresh basil, fresh mexican thyme, Himalaya red sea salt, cilantro; & pepper- and niw CANNOT stop sneezing, sinus drainage is pouring, and have a tickle in my throat & eyes are burning. Oh wait, I think that may just be your typical side effects.  My hands smell delicious, tho.  As soon as this subsides, I may go to the gym.  Need more coffee, first. Then gotta plan our family weekend, & what we are gonna do during the next two weeks (hubby’s vacation).

I need spell check!!

So on my tablet it checks my gramner & spelling, but still getting used to my android phone.

Short term memory

I really hate ADHD!! I am slightly overwhelmed, & at the same time stupidly optimistic.  So eager to conquer my world today I cannot focus long enough to complete one task. Hell, so many thoughts I can’t even remember wtf I was gonna do. My husbsnd downloaded a bunch of aps I have been missing back to my new phone, and am geeking out, instead if finishing my tasks. I really can do nothing without my note pad!!  Crap!! So much good. Full of win!! Not sure where to start. Oh yeah -what IS today’s weather forcast & why does it look, feel, & smell like rain? 

THIRTY-ONE: Ya’ll will not believe how gorgeous the Fall line is, or how practical!! This month’s special is Half-off any purse, including the brand-new, super-fabulous Fall catalog, when you spend $35.  September will have a soectacular deal on a couple of fabulous totes, but let’s live in the now – yes, I said half-off any purse!! I love purses. I have my standard Marc Jacobs, but ya know, I would rather look super cute & totally together than pretentious.  Oh, don’t get me started on purses or shoes!!  With the holidays approaching, I am putting it out there – I am volunteering to be your personal shopper.  I have 5 years experience, so if you dread this time of year for fearvof the akward & forced thank yous, let me help you get that huge hug & genuine gratitude for giving the perfect gift. I love the Fall!! And Thirty-One gives me even more to be excited about!!

Uugh!! Okay. Back to focusing. Need. More. Vanilla. Latte.  Thx Starbux 4 selling my addiction in a half gallon container!!  Woohoo!! Diva is asleep & I am certain Boo is doing something destructive.  Gonna find my note pad, write down new tasks, prioritize, & get it done!!  Yeah me!

Gotta love looong days!

Today wasn’t too bad, aside from my earlier tantrum.  In the immortal words of the great Kid Rock, “Fuck it, you din’t know the half of it!”

Yep. Story of my life.  It could be worse, as an Israeli friend often told me, “unless you are pinned down in a 2-person fox-hole, & under direct fire, it ain’t that bad.”  Ok, so Mr. Lahat has me there, but it ain’t all roses & sunshine over here.

True; I get to spend all day with my kids, but somedays, I am trapped all day with my kids.  And my car is not the most dependable of brands, but it is a safe, agile, & sexy luxury vehicle with every option available – even cooled seats!  My husband cares about me, desires my happiness, supports me, encourages me, AND takes care of me.  He truly wants what is best for me.

So I have good days & bad days. Everyone does. Everyone, at some point, gets overwhelmed by the norm, gets tired of added drama, and just lings for a peaceful moment. You know, to rest, revover, & rejuvinate.  For me, it will be tmrrw while I am at the gym.  Uuugh. I’m done for today.  Gotta have a convo w/ new, potential shrink to try to help w/ my crazy-ADHD-OCD-off-my-meds-ass. Wish me luck.


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