I have made a decision

I need a trash bag & Hazmat suit for all of the bullshit in my life.  Wonder if Hefty makes one in ginormous-bullshit-life size.

Today, my son called me a bitch, in a round-about way. I must say, my level of disgust & hatred for his father has reached a new peak.  From this viewpoint, I can actually feel the flames of hell licking my cheeks.

The bloody marys are helping, or they were before I ran outta vodka. Sonuvabitch!!! I may have entered the 9th ring of hell. Thanks for the roadmap, Dante!

No complaing anymore

So all I do is complain. Well, perhaps if I had more good & less bad . . . Or any good . . . However, it is making some people feel bad. So I will only say what I’m “happy” about.

I love being forced to be wake by 7am on Saturdays. I love walking up & down the stairs because it gets my blood flowing. I love getting distracted while trying to drive. I love how I can tell when it is going to rain because of the beautiful pain radiating from my knee. I love how everyone in my family solely depends on me. I think it is refreshing how my sinuses drain in the fall, from my face into the back of my throat, giving such a tremendous taste in my mouth, and adds a special flare to my breath.

Have a joyous f’g day, ya’ll.

Mango Chili Martini

8 oz. V8 Peach Mango juice
Double shot Tito’s Vodka
1/4 tsp. Mana’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Bloody Mary Mix
Ice, shake & serve

Courtesy of the Hubs!!

Anyone keeping up?

Okay, so the US Pres has been talking to Iran about nuclear weapons, US & Russia discussing sales of chemical weapons to Syria, Syrian Rebels, AKA Muslim extremists have declared open season on Christians . . . Anyone else smell a rat? Yeah, I am pretty sure it is coming from the D.C. area.

It is a sad day when I hold what the Russian President says in higher eegard than my own leader.  However, it seems he is wanting more to keep the peace & our government is looking at a bottom line sales boost for their political backers, like L3 – weren’t they tge number 2 benefited companies from the Afgan conflict?

If our administration has some information as to why, exactly, we should get involved, then please, by all means, enlighten me. Otherwise, keep the fucking lies in the media, so I can at least be certain I am right.

The use of sarin gas is appalling. However, rushing in with assumptions on who carried out such a dastardly act . . . Well, didn’t we learn that with George W.?????? To believe the Syrian government did it is very naive. They can’t afford us sticking our nose over there, so why would they risk it? Plainly, they wouldn’t. The rebels, however, most likely will never be caught, much less brought to justice. They have nothing to lose & everything to gain. This isn’t Kosovo!!! This isn’t Iran. This us Syria. Let the government handle it, or let tge rebels take over. But fir Gid’s sake, let it unfold without oyr meddling, self-righteous-ass getting entrenched in yet another fight we are nit even invited to!!!  Now, by all means, once we know beyond a doubt who is responsible (hint – not the government), and their people beg for & recieve UN support, then let’s roll, but not until them. If the rebels get their way, there will be a Christian Holocaust in the Middle East.

Again, I say, there is a rat somewhere . . . Ppl better wake up, start askubg questions, & for fuck sake – hold our elected officials accountable!!!!


So. I have some right wing values, like the US constitution. But I support several liberal ideals, too. I don’t believe Americans deserve to be fed half-truths, nor be lied to. Our comnander in chief is either a fool, or inherently evil. Our elected officials are simply corrupt. Both parties. Neither party is innocent. Every elected official has blood on his or her hands. They have each let me down by failing the American people, & it makes me overwhelmingly sad & sometimes hopeless.

Now, I need help stereotyping myself.  Here are my views:

EQUAL Rights for EVERYONE. Regardless of your race, nationality, heritage, religious beliefs, or lack thereof, OR sexual orientation. Equal!

FREEDOM  of speech.  True freedom. If you’re big enough to say it, say it out loud & without any fear if out government or hurting somebody’s feelings.

FREEDOM of religion.  Let me say my prayers. Let me keep my pledge, and I won’t try to convert you if you don’t try to convert me. Deal?  I will raise my kids & you raise yours. Hint* If we both teach respect & tollerance, our kids will probably be friends.

Legalize weed. I mean really.  Hard drugs should be eliminated, as should gangs, but damn. Jail time for smoking grass? Seriously, spend my tax dollars elsewhere.

You want an abortion, you pay for it. I’ll pay for  your sterilization, tho. Deal?

Now, criminals: murderers (if in cold blood), rapists, child molestors, pedophiles, robbers & thieves – fair trial, then death. Period. If you can’t live in our society, you will no longer be allowed to.

Welfare recipients & homeless. To receive welfare, you must perform work.  Something as small as volunteering at a soup kitchen. Everyone deserves to have that feeling of self-respect. To give people the chance to find something, even if it doesn’t pay the bills, that increases his or her self-worth is valuable. If you’ve ever been unemployed involuntarily, you know what I’m saying. Give people money if they need it, but offer hope & an opportunity to dream big, too.

Now, illegal immigrants. I have friends who are here legally & . . . I get it. This is a great place. AMERICA IS GREAT!!! There needs to be legal ways to get here & stay here, tho, & to be here illegally when so many of my friends have struggled to be here legally is simply not fair.

Okay. So, when you are caught, you will be moved, along with your family to a rework facility. There, an illegal family will be able to keep personal items, but possessions will be sold, & manditory work will be required to obtain assistance with becoming legal & learning English. Seizing an illegal immigrants property may be enough of an incentive for them to stop comibg here illegally. However, it should not be impossible to create happy, legal immigrants. Talk about a land of opportunity.  You come here, we give you a job, teach you English, & help you set your own legal path.

I would love to see a great nation rise up from the misery our governnent has created for us by ignoring everything our constitution is about. I would like to see every encumbent ousted, every lobbyist hanged, and neighbors & friends elected to office – cuz your friends will keep you accountable.

Ok. Enough of my rant for today. I just really hate being labeled.  It shows ignorance & fear. There’s a lot of stuff fucked up, and I’d like to see things turned around.  This country has seen worse times. We will get through this, but only if we leave our hangups & preconceived ideas behind, aling with stereotyping one another & condoning hatred.  We must move forward not out of fear, but in hope of a better future, and better America.

Later, bitches. Gotta get Boo & Diva some fro-yo!

Uuugh. Again, I say UUUGH!

So, the book is well, what can I say. I have gotten side-tracked. Boo turns 8 Monday.  Diva is in her separation anxiety stage. Seeing new counsellor. School started back, tho. Migraines have started to wane since eliminating High Fructose Corn Syrup & caffeine.  I must say it seems to help my ADHD. I have more focus.

Blew my good knee Sunday & it is still giving me hell, much the same as Diva. I have a slight headache today, no doubt brought on by my overindulgence last night, but not too bad. I am in serious need of a 2 hour full body massage, 12 hours at Spa Castle, & 48 hours OFF.  No diapers, no food to prepare, no cleanup, or the word “Mom.” Yeah, reality sux. Motherhood is never-ending, unforgiving, & generally merciless.

Ahhh. Diva is asleep, and the housework calls.  So sorry for the spotty updates. I am just kinda pooped & really pissed about the shit in Syria, our fucking media who distract us with lies, half-truths, & flat-out gossip. Who needs that shit? Who gives a fat fuck about Miley twerking on a married man while looking like a total fool. She’s now in my George Clooney bag – idiot distraction.

Yeah, I said it. He is like all the models I’ve dated. Soooo pretty to look at, but dumb as a box of rocks. And they all had no clue they were morons.  They equated looks to smarts. Umm, yeah, NO. So, toss Cyrus in there.  You can’t look & act like a fool. If you do, you are a distraction from what SHOULD make the news. Uuugh. It’s like watching a train wreck – impossible to look away, like sneezing with your eyes open.

Hell, I gotta do housework.  Too bad DC & Hollywood can’t just be sucked into a black hole. Ya’ll be good.


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