Excuses only justify the one making the excuses. If you’re sorry, just apologize, learn from it, clean up whatever mess was created, & move on. 

An excuse doesn’t get you off the hook. It helps nobody but your own imagined self image, but that is it. Excuses are for failures.

I’m chronically late. I lose track of time. It’s on me.  Sometimes I make bad choices. That’s on me. Sometimes I react inappropriately.   Notice all those “I’s”??? I take responsibility for myself, my actions, & my inaction. I get tired & cranky. Nobody forces my mood. Nobody conjured a spell to curse me with having OCD or ADHD.  It is part of who I am.  I am just so sick of people and weak excuses. 

Go. Fucking. Live!!! There are no excuses excepted here.  I stay up till 1 doing things that I can’t during the day. I choose to put my kids first. Sometimes I let things slide, because I choose to focus elsewhere.  I manage the most pressing tasks.  I am blogging now because I am waiting & hoping Diva naps without me having to lay down with her, but if not, I will choose to cuddle with her, & do my work over night.

Live outloud, & make no excuses!

Today sucked more than any Monday should!

So. Took kids & went to see my mom since she turned 60! We all went, including my sister, to visit my grandmother.  She is in late stage Alzheimer’s & just got moved to be closer to us – yeah.  She didn’t know us. Not even the kids.  Although she was glad to have visitors.  We played Dominos, & Boo tossed a ball with her in rehab. It was difficult, at best. On tge way home, however, Boo asked when will I get it? Followed with, “they have a cure for that one, right?”

When I started crying, he knew the answer, & immediately started crying. I told him there is mefivine to dlow it down, & I would fight like hell to save every memory I have – even him misbehaving. 

Best friend got fired. Huge fight w/ hubs over a $700 phone he “has to have for work.” And . . . Then I got an e-mail regarding this weekend’s campout – we are so excited! Then Hubs came home with a game system from work to “conduct research,” which he & Boo did. I heard so much laughter it made me feel loads better. Boo would ask, how old was she when she got “old timers?” But gaming helped ease his, & my minds tonight.

But, being a grown-up officially sux!! That is all. Night, ya’ll.

The art of shart

Ya know . . . I’ve had a shit day. It started when I fell down 4 stairs this morning around 8. I grabbed a velour blanket & had 1 goal: cuddling w/ Boo while Hubs & Diva slept-in.  That was 2 trips to the dr, since they could NOT work me in like promised.  Then meeting with Boo’s teacher & dad for parent teacher conference, which . . . I’ll explain below, then bacj to foctir fir exan & X-rays.  While I was out, Diva fell several times, the worst resulting in a mark & bump above her eye brow. At least nothing on me is broken, just badly bruised & swollen. The PA suggested I sit on ice. Yeah, she can set on my shoe!!!!

Today has just been ONE INCREDIBLE BITCH!!! I HAVE A BRUISED, INFLAMED EGO.  Who wants to kiss my ass? 

Wine is helping a great deal more than anti-inflamitory drugs!  However, don’t cha hate it when you fart & it’s wet?  That pisses me off.  Much like my ex-husband.  He gave me props in helping our son with reading, then blamed me for being a gun fanatic!!  No. He gives him War Hawk 3, & zombie Appocolypse games. He gave him an air riffle.  I only let my dad give him a b-b gun. I didn’t mention that today to the teacher . . . He’s such a weasel.  He makes 1 kind gesture to make himself believable.   Then, when our 15- minute conference turned to half an hour . . . Of course I got fidgety. The teacher made eye contact w/ me at least 2 times to sit still.   Uugh. I should just bribe her with candy!! My candy is waaaay better than store-bought!!! I have decided that I hate it when life happens.  (ADHD MOMENT, sorry)

Ya know, who is the Airforce Marksman??? Not me!!!! Douche, douche-bag, or DB, as we refer to my ex, was a marksman.  And it’s “My” fault Boo is obsessed w/ guns?!?!

Fuck it. I’m gonna have more wine.  However, today, DB, my ex, finally gave in & said we can try holistic remedies for a month, & if no improvement, then to a shrink for Vyvanse. My fear is that it won’t work on Boo anymore than it did on me.  Worked for 3 weeks, then stopped. I am the “less than 3% that don’t respond to medicine.” That’s a real bitch, too.

I see my behavior. I see it is destructive. I am unable to remedy it on my own. That is sooooo not fair. Totally pisses me off!!  However. Now I am thinking that if I can’t control myself, maybe I should try to control others. Yeah, that was sarcasm.   So, what the hell am I supposed to do? My shrink sucks, which is why I fired her. My therapist REALLY SUCKED, fired her stupid ass, too.  My most recent therapist was okay, but gave too many visual cues she was deeply afraid of me . . . So, I’m pretty much on my own to figure this shit out, much like shart in ur pants . . .  To clean, or just throw out?

Loaner from hell – my take on Jaguar’s “affordable luxury car”

Well, Jaguar has outdone themselves. If you want a $50k Honda Civic, go get the new XF base model. I am literally sore all over from driving it 90 miles the last 2 days.  Simple two-way adjustable seats. No blind spot monitors, no back up camera, no parking sensors, no nothing, except the high maintenance name, a sunroof, & Nav system. Did I mention it gets 30 hwy mpg? Yeah, 19 city! And it has, what . . . 250 hp & a 4 cylinder engine. COME ON!!!!!

Are you serious with that crap? In “sport mode” it can actually move . . . like a Civic in neutral. I may actually kiss MY Jag when I get it back. 

And forget about a/c seats or a heated steering wheel.  Seriously? Why on earth would anyone buy this car? I would buy – gasp – American –  before this monstrosity.

If you’re gonna do luxury, do luxury. If you’re gonna do economy, do economy, but you can’t draw a coca cola logo on a cup of homemade lemonade & think nobody’s gonna notice the difference. 

Cheap, Jag, & your customers WILL notice. Even the leather is cheap! A fully-loaded Honda Accord is almost half the price & double the benefits – awesome gas mileage, low up-keep, & never breaks down. So, IMO, if ya wanna do economy, take a lesson from Japan. There is a difference between inexpensive & cheap – and the base-model XF is CHEAP!!

JUST SAYIN’.  Better than a lot of cars, but at a Jaguar asking price, it better be prepared to flop. An educated consumer would be insulted with the level of quality, falsly labeled as luxury. I believe my Kia Rio had more pep with 180 hp! 

Can’t wait to get both my babies back home! Love the Premium & Portfolio models – that’s a grand touring luxury sedan to rival all others.  And driving or parking it is – well, it makes it easy for even me to stay accident-free.

The base model . . . Well, it’s sharp-looking, but only someone pretentious would want it, because it has only its looks & status symbol to fall back on. WEAK!  I am very disappointed in the direction where this company is headed. 

Car shopping: For the same quality, check out Honda, Cadillac, Lexus, Hyunda, Kia, & Ford, then you tell me. I am right on the money, kids.  Don’t waste your money on the XF base model. You can buy Japanese/Korean much cheaper, or for that price range, get a lot more for your money elsewhere.

But, I do love our Jaguars!! Not new, but everything I could ask for in a car, & what consumers expect from Jag, versus . . . The loaner from hell.

Horrific day

So, I got up Thursday, got us all ready. Walked the dog, loaded up & headed out. On the agenda: drop Boo at school, drop dog at groomer, get Diva’s hair cut, grocery shop, home, get Boo from school, homework, Juijitsu, Cub Scouts, then bed. Meanwhile hubs drops my car off at Jag for repair, since the electrical system FAILED Wednesday, then to work.

Well, I get 3 blocks & the dog pooped, right in the air-vent seat! The blanket fell into the floorboard.  I spanked him & shoved him into the floorboard.   At a stop sign, I used some tissue to grab & chunk his poop out the window. Pissed, but moving on. Dropped Boo at school after assuring him I would NOT kill his dog. Heading to groomers & dog lifts his leg & pisses on the front seat. That is when I threw my vitamin water at him to get him to stop – he did.  Then took another shit, but this time on the blanket in the floorboard. He’d weazled out of his collar, which was in the pike of shit, as I discovered while getting it back on him to drag him outta the car. Meanwhile, getting dog shit all over my hands, the dog, & the car!

I detour to Jag to get the car detailed. See my husband sitting & working on his laptop. They have 1 loaner left, & so we r sharing it. So, off we go . . . But 1st b-fast for him & Diva.

Back on track. Get Diva to kids cuts & she looks adorable. Douche-Dog is ready. I notice Diva needs a diaper change, so get that done, but not before she takes a piss on both of us without a diaper, so now she has piss on her shirt. Yeah. Grab dog diapers, put one on the dog, & load him in the loaner, & head home. Call my mom to vent.

Jag update: And, looks to be a component bad, & not under warranty. Plus tires being dropped shipped for the poop-car. We are now hemoraging money.

Hubs will be out of the country most of October & November. Will have no help w/ Diva, & impossible to deliver centerpieces for class reunion. And wob’t go since hubs can’t . . .

Now, get Boo, discuss getting rid of dog, since he is miserable & clearly angry with me. He cries, drop the subject, & I ask him to please eat an early dinner, & please to take off his gi before eating. Which he didn’t. Then ended up wearing his chocolate cake to juijitsu class.  We had the whole family, since we only have 1 car.

Jag update: the junction box failed, & is under warranty. Should be fixed next week. Poop-Jag wasn’t finished, so we’ll get tmrrw.

We did a quick change into his Cub Scout uniform, which I stayed up Wednesday night hemming the pants & stitching his den insignia on the shirt.  Head to Frisco, & no meeting in sight.  I can’t get in touch with the Den Master to verify the location. After 20 minutes we go home, after stopping by McDonald’s, the liquor store, then CVS, since we were OUT of diapers.

The Den Master texted to apologize. We were only non-returning family, & he didn’t realize I didn’t know the area, or the other meeting location.  We’ll meet up today so we’ll be ready for the campout.

Today is just part 2 of yesterday’s continuously endless fiascos . . . Bout to run out & begin my stupification of murphy’s law in action.

Jag update: Jag # 1 ready. No, wait. Poop Jag ready. “Really, new tires are on & inspection complete?” Uh, let me call you back.

Jag update: no. Neither are ready. Hopefully after 1 ( which really means before 7:30 PM).

Diva’s having a meltdown. Time to roll out delivering Thirty-One product, then Target, then Boo, then Boo to his dad, then pick up Hubs, back to Jag, then to finish one Thirty-One delivery this evening, then . . . I fucking quit!!!!!!


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