Happy Friday!


This always makes me laugh. I love his shows, actually, but the memes are just hilarious to me.

It seems fitting. My living room is spotless. All toys are put away. I can see the floor. Found 2 bucket’s worth of toys under the furniture, too.  And Diva helped.  Aliens???

I gave her the first piggy-back ride today. Solo ride, anyway. She was thrilled & couldn’t contain herself with wild laughter. She loved it.

We even practiced making the S sound today.  Tried to call Hubs to let him hear, but the voice mail scared her.

Just gave her a bath. She refused to get out until I got in with her. How could I say no?? She has done so good today. Cleaning, singing, & working on making more sounds.

Despite a relative being in critical condition after a trucking accident yesterday, today, for me, has been one BIG happy.

I struggled last night with recent drama from my ex. He’s convinced Boo I am a horrible person, bad mother, & he shouldn’t be a Cub Scout any more. Yep. That’s the type of bullshit that my son (8 yrs old) & I deal with on a daily basis. Manipulation is how an abuser gains control of you. It works. We all fall victim to bullies at some point, & never where we expect it.

I digress. Hubs came up with some solutions, & I have spoken with my son to please always talk to me, & I won’t betray his confidence by talking to his dad, but that he & I will always work together to find a solution that will make his life better, less stressful. And that both parents love him & all parents, married, single, & divorced disagree at times, & it’s okay.

It’s tough. It’s tough being a mom. It’s tough being a wife. Marriage is tough. Life, death, & everything in between is tough. For everyone. And nobody gets out alive. So, with that in mind, make the most of what you have, strive for more, and do your best to grab as much happy as you can.

Peace, bitches!

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