Clinging to 39 & trying to embrace the craziness while searching for that big happy is what this blog’s about. And it’s a struggle for all of us. And I serve as your dose of “holy shit, thank God I’m not her!”

I am remarried to the sweetest man who ever drove me up the wall.  We have a two-year-old daughter.  I have a son from a previous marriage (I was verbally/mentally abused, and he finally left after he had an affair), it was amicable, and we get along now for the sake of our son (in elementary).  I am college-educated, outspoken, and pretty much a southern hot mess, as most of my friends call me.  I’m a stay-at-home-wife/mom, but before that, I was a personal assistant to a millionaire. Formerly a lay minister at a protestant church, but since marrying, I converted to Catholicism, so there’s that . . . And I have OCD, which contributes to the “mess,” plus I have “issues with rage,” so my posts should prove interesting.

Klonipin and red wine are my saving graces. Grandmother #1 has Alzheimer’s and keeps getting asked to leave various nursing homes, Dad has PTCL (Cancer) since Oct. 2012, and most days I am hanging on by an unraveling thread. Check in and enjoy a laugh. I hope you can empathize, sympathize, or laugh at my expense – someone should benefit from the shit I get myself into . . . oh, and I have some MAD cooking skills, so check out my recipes!

Oh yeah, and I was diagnosed early 2013 with ADHD, so I have that going for me, too.

But, I have given up my green thumb at present, having taken up living in a townhouse in an upscale neighborhood . . . For now. Stay tuned, cause I bitch about everything. But I also see the lessons of living . . . Most of the time. When I’m not losing my shit about how my toddler is making me even more crazy. And as long as I’m not spending my time & money on one of our Jaguars. I try. God help me, I try.

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