Today was just a blur. After staying up until 3am watching Hulu with Hub, I slept-in until 9. We finally got out the door around 11, got to my parents’ house around noon, picked-up Boo, & headed to see my in-laws. Had lunch with them, & then WHAM!

Diva exploded like an unopened glass jar of applesauce thrown onto ceramic tile.

She refused to eat, made enormous messes, which I spent waaay more time cleaning than it took her to create (and repeatedly cleaned same messes over & over). Boo even helped tidy-up. She was a poltergeist. A naughty house elf. She was . . . TWO!! For the roughly four hours we were there, she was completely two.

My mother-in-law keeps an immaculate home. Gorgeous glass trinkets, expensive heirlooms, pretty little knickknacks in every nook & cranny. Carefully chosen & precisely placed throughout their house. Every detail painstakingly placed ‘just- so’. Just so damn enticing for a two-year-old. A lifetime’s memorabilia displayed under one roof. Diva’s objective: Destruction. Total destructio – of every possible item.

I think we were there under half an hour before Hub was curled up in the fetal position. We had no weapons, & were clearly under attack. It was . . . A lot of blank blank blankety blank blank blank! And that is for damn sure!

My blood pressure is still coming down, hours later. A few times I was struggling to catch my own breath. I was in dismay. Who the hell does this little terror think she is?!?! And since when does she pull this shit over at their house? She is so sweet normally. She was a little doll at my parents’ place just an hour earlier?!?!

NOT one weapon up our sleeve. We were ill-prepared for such an all-out affront to civility. She was like the Tazmanian Devil from Loony Tunes. No high chair to strap her down into. No crib to get her to sleep in. No ability to sit & hold het until she calmed down. If I tried to hold her, and whisper softly sweet pleas of mercy, she quietly took in a long, deep breath, then belted out earth-shaking billows. She could have woke the dead! So, today, well, it was a total loss. Fail. Epic. Parenting. Fail.

However, I got Boo. I got Diva. And I got Hub. We are all home. We are all safe. And 2 out of 4 are asleep, while Hub & I are set to drift off shortly. And the thought on my mind?? Wonder if my mother-in-law has figured out what that battery went to yet.

Diva knocked-over, threw, & took apart so many things today, it was really a blur. So, tonight, I will think of it no longer, & prepare to sleep until morning. And we are going to start tomorrow blank, a clean slate, & a positive mind-set.

Embrace the embarrassment. Enjoy the chaos. And get happy. Because at some point, I’ll look back & won’t remember today’s shenanigans. Only the love I get from looking in her eyes.

Peace, bitches.

I love getting my happy!

Today, while sharing a meal with my parents, you could feel the anticipation as kickoff approached.

Boo squealed when my mom brought out a key-lime pie with sheer childish happiness. Diva just quietly began diving in. She grabbed her spoon & started shoveling her slice in her mouth with such delight it was hard to take my eyes off of her.

Then . . . The snap. Ahh, the first snap of the season & my Red Raiders run down the field. 7 months since I’ve had the chance to gaze upon the glory of my alma mater. And Jones Stadium looked absolutely alive! No tortilla throwing like back in my day, before we joined the Big 12, but they still chant “BULLSHIT” loud enough to be picked up by the microphones if we get a crap call.

And all of the glorious commercials spotlighting the campus that I so intimately adored. Memories flooded my mind; all of our traditions & rituals. Friendships, beloved professors, first jobs & internships. Spreading my wings, for the first time, & learning to fly. Autumn in Lubbock. The Fair in October. Bonfires and, then the the tree-lighting ceremony on campus in December.

The campus is like it’s own small town of teenagers running amuck, & the City of Lubbock is like the laid-back parent, surronding her campus with unfaltering support. If you’ve never lived in Lubbock, Texas, I’m not sure I could ever paint a picture to do it justice. There’s just something in the air in football season (not the cotton from the gins outside of town, or the stench coming from the livestock meats lab, either). There is just something in that red dust that blows, though 24/7. And if you walk the campus in Fall, it gets in your nose, and fills your lungs. A time-honored, quiet pride that fills your face with tears when you leave and each time you remember. It’s a spirit that comes alive when you see a Double T, or admire your class ring.

And we struggled in the first half. And against a nobody team. The highly publicized, mighty son of Lubbock, former player, Kliff Kingsbury & his team . . . It was an UGLY win, but we’ll always take a “W.”

I lost most of my voice screaming during the first quarter, while Boo & Diva chased each other from one end of my parents’ home to the other. Happy. This is my idea of a perfect moment. Diva was armed with a plastic gun & running full speed after her big brother, & I got to watch Tech play. I love ‘em whether they’re winning or losing, but get to run my mouth more when we’re winning.

As Diva ran into my parent’s bathroom during a commercial break, my dad & I were hot on her trail. As I could hear the announcer readying us to for return to the game, I passed a picture hanging beside their bedroom door. It was of my dad holding my son just after his infant baptism, Boo was 6-months old.

I remembered a few minutes from last night, when I tucked him in. My brain just sat there. Just staring at the amazing human being that he is, that he has always been, & that he will be. And also in wonderment & bewilderment of how fast he went from a baby, to toddler, to half-way to 18 so fast. Like a blink.

All the pain & fear seemed minimal in contrast to the love I saw as we sat silently just gazing into each others eyes.  He grabbed my tightly and hugged me, then he whispered, “Don’t cry, Mommy.”

I just smiled back, unable to tell him how grateful I am to get to be his mom. I looked at his arms, & how long they have gotten. And then back at my own hand, & thought of a time when I could fit his entire body inside one of my own hands.

Those moments, those intimate, raw, silent moments. Those are golden. As precious as any treasure on earth. And, my OCD brain craves more, & to keep them all to myself – any & all that remain.

It also gives me hope that one day, in the very near future, that all of these very trying times with my previous Diva, will be a faded memory, overshadowed by all of the happy.

So, my personal advise: grab happy & let go of the bullshit.

Peace, bitches.

The things I hate

Notice I said things? NOT people. Never people. The actions of people, perhaps, at times, when warranted. But it’s a dangerous thing, this “hate.”

I hate illness. Physical & mental. Autism, depression, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, schizophrenia, dimentia, Alzheimer’s, & all the other ones out there that society doesn’t understand or share compassion for, unless it affect them in some way. I hate them because they make their host their prisoner.

I hate Cancer, AIDS, ALS, Lupis, CFS, MS, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, heart disease, diabetes, and a whole long list of shit that kills people. I hate those things. I hate them because they kill their host.

I hate that some people are driven to rape women, set fires, murder strangers, or molest children . Those are the ones that simply cannot remain within our society. I hate these because it leaves destruction & grief in their wake. Twisted minds unable to be cured or satisfied. Locked up or institutionalized. And, having a heart, go ahead and lobotomize them so they are free from the insanity that drives them.

Politicians . . . Ahh, yes, those greedy, corrupt politicians. And let’s not forget about their sleezy counterparts, lobbyists. Oh. Wouldn’t it be easy to hate them because of their behavior? Pity, is more appropriate. They have “sold their souls.” Greed. Greed for power (lobbyists), & money (politicians). The difference here is that this is no sickness (mental or physical). Greed is a choice. Becoming selfish is a choice.

For many, being happy, calm, or sain is more of an unobtainable fantasy than a choice. And for those of us, I can only hope for the day that science catches up. Being well, for some, is a struggle, and for many, death steals that hope away before it is attainable. Again, praying & hoping for science to catch up with us all.

I do hate some pretty bad things, but with good reason. I do hate the choices made by our government officials to allow their greed to outweigh their responsibility to perform the duties they were elected to office to perform; represent and act in a way that reflects the best interest of the majority of Americans.

I don’t hate money, however. It affords you things. Like food, shelter, clothing. More money affords you luxuries, like access to health care, transportation, electricity. Still more money gets you upgrades for those necessities, plus a cushion of security, & a bit of excess, like electronics & vacations. Even more excessive money gets you additional “things”, as well as opens new doors to troubles like vanity and greed. And before you know it, the love of money turns into diminishing one’s values so that you are able to obtain more money at any cost.

In essence, these politicians in office are no better than common whores, turning tricks in our legislature for their corporate, special interest Johns. Do I think they all should be in jail? Absolutely. Will that happen? Never. Will it ever be outlawed? NOPE. Will the American people ever realize we are being played for fools? Highly unlikely. Democrats will continue to vote Democrat, Republicans will continue to vote Republican. Because it is easy to associate with party’s ideals (not practices, obviously), than to figure out what these people are really up to. It’s more fun to associate this as a game, as with sports teams. But, we have no authority over those we elect. Nobody does. They were elected by free choice of the people. They are 100% free to do anything they want.

They rarely show up to work. Many times when they do show up, they fight with their collegues, accomplish next to nothing, and are even caught playing on their electronic devices. Then give themselves a raise. They also decide what to include in their benefits package, & they are very generous to themselves with our money. They have made sure that their retirement plan is enormous, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to blow-off your job, boss, & coworkers, and still have very little fear of getting fired from your $150k/ job? And to TELL HR what your benefits package WILL include? Then, to get that 2nd home you’ve been dreaming of by making some money on the side, just to do a few favors? Pretty worry-free life, if ya ask me. Pretty cushy job, too.

So, as I wait for science to cure the world’s health woes, I wait also for Americans to step up, to hold our representatives accountable, to inspect their public records, & vote their asses out of office! Enough is enough. Start shipping our very own neighbors out to DC to clean house. And show up at their doorstep until lobbying is outlawed, and seen for what it is; Bribery.

Sorry folks, elections are coming up, & it’s our only chance to turn things around. To stop being petty, put our differences aside, and fix what’s broken, instead of hoping someone in Congress grows a conscience. Ain’t gonna happen. This political machine is steamrolling all of us. We have got to start voting smart.

Hate is only good if it brings about change. If we can ban together, raise awareness for mental & physical health issues, we can bring about more awareness, education, & research until there is a cure. Science & medicine, in the past, have brought us tremendous advancements. There are still more break-throughs that need to happen. And unfortunately, more lives that will be lost in the interim. But there is hope.
Hope thst one day, we’ll have a more healthy population because of what we do now.

So today, choose happy. Choose determination. Choose hope. Choose to make better choices.

Ah damn! I forgot to post this like 10 hours ago. My bad.

Food Funk

Have you ever been in a diet food funk? I scoured the internet the past month to find ideas & tastes that would work for what we’re supposed to be eating to lose weight & get healthy, overall health was the reason – doctor’s orders for both Hub & me – and I’m kinda over it. I’m not used to just whipping up something healthy on the fly. And I am hungry, but there’s not anything quick, easy, or appetizing in this kitchen; I’ve looked. Even “somewhat appetizing” is eliminated as an option due to the amout of time & effort required to be exerted to prepare such a dish.

Ever have those days where WingStop, cheese enchiladas, beef & bean chimichangas, chips & dip, & chocolate are among the only viable options to satisfy your hunger? So you decide to just toss the idea of eating real food, and instead, opt for a SlimFast?

As I sit here, feeling pity as the gurgling growl from my stomach grows louder with nothing “edible” in sight, Diva’s happily munching on an apple & enjoying fruit juice. And I’ve got a coffee in one hand, & rifling through the pantry and fridge wildly, expecting some gorgeous, forbidden yummy to magically appear at any moment. Some scrumptious morsel I have somehow overlooked. Nope.

Having lost 16 lbs., and feeling much better – storms in the area & knees are not killing me, for starters – I will remain focused on a healthy diet. But my brain may always crave the good stuff. The near-toxic, highly processed foods, the easy comforts & satisfaction of a “quick fix meal”, & almost instant gratification. Familiar favorites.

Good habits take time. Being healthy, mentally & physically, take work. So I’ll make some egg beaters, or fat-free cottage cheese, & pretend it tastes much better than a strawberry glazed donut. It is much better FOR me. Good habits to model for my kids. But a donut just seems like magic, almost as if it could end all world problems. More accurately, causes them – obesity & diabetes being two known problems from creating a diet of yummy.

No matter. This place is a disaster. I will be still & embrace it & Diva this morning. Then will clean it.

Today is Friday of a three-day holiday weekend. And you can bet your ass I’m prepping to relish every second of happy!

So, I’m hungry & frustrated, but happy. Laugh. It’s all funny. If not, then change your perspective, or vantage point. There is always something good & something to look forward to.

Get your happy!

Peace, bitches.

Today, thus far . . .

Gel nails are still holding up & I am truly amazed! This cheap, wal-mart-purchased Sally Hansen gel nail kit is BETTER than salon nails at a fraction of the dang cost!

Woke at 4, after gettimg my normal 6-hours of sleep. When I discussed exercise with my brain & body at 4AM, however my brain decided it, in fact, WAS in need of more sleep – yeah, that’s what I thought, brain. Shut up & go to sleep.

When we all woke around 7:45, I told my husband Happy 3-year Anniversary. I had a headache. I had forgotten my anti-tantrum meds last night, along with back & allergy pills. It being too hot to eat more than a cold salad & a Slim Fast yesterday, I felt weak. But, jumped on the scale & had lost 2.2 lbs since yesterday morning.

Feeling much better by 10. Diva & I enjoyed two books and we are about to head out, a mere 3 hours late in beginning my errands.

Hubs is home sick, & as badly as Diva & I need to bathe, storms are coming in this weekend, so will be taking kids to pool today, then bathe afterwards. We are in a drought, so bathing twice in one day is just irresponsible, in my mind. And if we all do this, it really will go a long way in conservation efforts.

I have seen so many ridiculous things in our news lately, & it is gnawing at me like piranhas. So, I may put forth some epic rants, but for now, my focus is on the happy: Good bargains, nice nails, tasks being completed, goals underway, & spending time reading to & playing with Diva.

Take pleasure in each and every accomplishment, no matter if others notice or not. You did! You made an effort. You accomplished a goal. Or just attempted to start a goal. And that’s good enough.

I have some serious things I’m contemplating. Like adding a podcast, or maybe even a webcast, a formal e-mail list, & sharing book excerpts with you that I’m working on (sporadically), & even some other perspectives from someone other than me. Not sure. So my blog page may be taking on a new look in the coming months.

Get your happy. Then, spread that shit around.

Peace, bitches.

Simple mathematics

Simple math is just about my limits in that area of study. I once argued that 3×6 was in fact 24, & that I had been robbed at a hand of cards. Yeah, Wine may have helped.

But you take roughly 3500 sqft of ammased personal posessions and place it in roughly 1500 sqft of space, figuring in an infinite amout of clutter, with 3 somewhat lazy inhabitants, & one destructive toddler . . . And although I’m not a mathematical genius, I’d say that’s just a calculated formula for disaster.

But we are hanging in there. Tonight, sharing a single ceiling until our new A/C unit arrives for our main floor, we’re holed up in the master – all 4 of us – with the only working a/c. But grateful we have a room where we can all stay comfortable.

Today was full of happy! Boo loved his 1st day of 3rd grade. We had sushi tonight, & Hub took care of Diva while I grabbed different rolls to share with my son. It was just a meal, but it was so much more for me. Diva had a meltdown, so my happy was cut short, but it was the absolute best part of my day. Boo needed my help at dinner. Stellar. A few stolen moments just getting to sit next to him while he broadened his exploration of foreign cuisine. Gorgeous.

And . . . My home-kit gel nails have held up 3 full days!! Dishes, laundry, errands, & fighting off Diva & cleaning her messes, not to mention my crazy obsessive hand washing. It even withstood a torn nail with no paint tearing or fraying. So, it’s beat the shit out of regular polish, & today passed the salon polish. One more and it will have beat the salon solar/gel nails. A definite win, in my book! Even if they crash & burn tomorrow. WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

So, get your happy! It ain’t that bad! And you will definitely want tons more.

Peace, bitches!

Needing my Clonazapam!

So, today Boo started 3rd grade! A few hundred thoughts race through my ADHD brain & every 3 or 4 are fighting to steal my happy. Luckily, I have so many of you reaching out to me, and just letting me know you like my blog gives me the energy to push back & tell those worrisome thoughts to fuck off!

Yes, this will be a monumental year. In so many ways. Not just for Boo & Diva, but me working through the root of my OCD, & learning to conquer both my OCD & tame my ADHD.

STILL . . . I find myself in the batroom with a seriously disturbed tummy. Do you know the problem with getting up early? There are more hours in my day.  However, I will search out all the extra happy!

Diva & I are on schedule this morning, and our new routine is gonna rock! I’ve got 6 hours until I get to hear all about my little guy’s day. Instead of worrying, I will look forward, & focus on my tasks. I have my usual amout of too much to do to keep me busy in between working with Diva. 

It is a state of mind, this elusive “happy” that I’m always droning on about. Sometimes it does just hit you when weren’t expecting it. But you always have to be ready & receptive. If you want to catch butterflies, you have to find the balance between sitting still so they’ll come near with the right amout of chasing. The same is true with happy. And you just have to get your head right.

Today, I am going to calm down. I am going to clean up & run errands. Diva’s going to nap, & I’m going to take care of a few things. And then we are going to hear all about Boo’s day. It is going to be a great day. I believe that. And today, I am in control of my brain. Without my anxiety meds. But, if I keep running to the toilet, then I’ll use my Clonazapam to help me.

We ARE NOT alone! There are so many of us out there. We are not alone. We are not wierd or a friggin’ lunatic. We can be. We can just let our fears debilitate us & spiral into the 4th ring of hell. Or we can stop it. And sometimes, it is simply too much for us to do alone. Neurological disorders are something we didn’t ask for, but we can get through, using cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, & a positive attitude and we can. It doesn’t mean we are boring normal, it just puts us back in control of our crazy. And helps us find that happy.

I cannot stress it enough: if you are struggling with things like focus, intrusive thoughts or behaviors, or just getting out of bed, you are not alone – get professional help! Everyone deserves to get some happy! It doesn’t make you weak. It’s the most courageous thing you can do – to see there is a problem & face that (or those) demons down. It is something nobody else can do for you.

Get your happy today!

Peace, bitches.



This is something that has resonated within me the last week or so.  Like my growing “need” for a luxury vehicle. Why? Is it because they really are superior in safety? Or is it the name alone? Perhaps that is why my resentment towards Jaguar has really grown in the past several months. They are now making “affordable luxury” cars, which are basically a Honda Civic with a Jaguar Leaper glued on the trunk, but lacking their dependability. If everyone can have them, and as I pass more & more on the roads, it is becoming less & less “special.” So why do I love them?

And why have I become more & more intent on staying in Willow Bend, rather than moving to an area where we can get a LOT more house for the money since the land is much cheaper?

Is it REALLY so my kids are in a better, safer neighborhood, better schools, and have the opportunity to be with kids more like them in school (outlook, morality, socioeconomic, and values), or is it because I have, in fact, grown accustomed to the lifestyle here? Because I, have been taken in as one of them? That they acknowledge I am an equal? Even though we live in an apartment & not a mini-mansion, like them. Busy, self-involved to an extent, & comfortable with all of the luxuries we can (& can’t) afford? Luxuries like having a police station down the street, all the luxury car dealerships just a few minutes away, access to main tollways at our corner, convenient shopping, a close-knit community carefully watching who comes and goes, & measuring what each brings to the community, while demanding strict, unspoken codes of dress & demeanor? Is this what I want, or have allowed to take root & grow as a want? And . . . Is this a good or bad thing?

Is staying here, buying a house here, & putting down roots here what is truly best for us all? I’m not so concerned about the cost of living in this particular area, as where we move, it will be comparable. I’m concerned about what effects this very sheltered, upscale community will have on both of my children. I am worried we will lose our humility, and compassion for others less fortunate. To become snobs, greedy for trends & polarity.

Flipside of the coin, now: If we move away. It will be a much more diversely populated area. They will see everything. Everyone. We will not be as safe, or as protected from the “ills” of society; it will not merely be something they see on television, watch on the internet, or read about in novels – it will be in the form of children they go to school with. While they will hopefully remain humble & grateful, they will also be visible targets for bullying. A fear that literally has me gasping for my own breath. And then, if they follow in my footsteps in high school, & band together with the kids from the neighborhood & get into all kinds of trouble. Not just bullying kids that once picked on us, but anyone NOT in our neighborhood, lumping anyone who is different into “outcasts & losers”.

I regret allowing myself to stoop to that level, but in high school, it is really rough, I was pretty, very thin, & lived in the right neighborhood in a Dallas suburb. I feel horrible for what I put so many people through, especially my parents with drugs & alcohol. I most regret glamorizing my wild behavior to the point . . . Well, a little over a year ago, a once very close friend accidentally OD’d, & another got into really hard drugs, & even his family can’t find him & is presumed dead.

And I was a leader among my church youth. Me. Popular, mean girl. I do not want that for my daughter. I was fortunate. I got my shit together in college. Still thin & attractive, I was pretty popular, even at a large university. But this time, it was because I was involved, uplifting, kind, humble, and active both in college life & the community. Texas Tech was my fresh start. A lot of kids don’t get or take that opportunity to turn things around, or to become the person they want to be, rather than stay the monster they’ve become.

Again, teenagers, have to be mindful of the seeds allowed to take root & grow. Children need to be just as mindful, but it is up to the parents to help filter out the bad ones & model good behavior & positive thoughts. So, upscale living or not?

Character is up to the parents,  genetics, & environment. How they battle attacks on their character is up to them individually. I wish the world were safe for our children. It’s never been. And it ain’t gettin’ any better. I wish we didn’t have to worry about sexual predators, drugs, or peer pressure. Unfortunately, it is everywhere. I just feel safer here, real or imagined.

My ex calls this area a cesspool, defined by Webster’s as: a filthy, evil, or corrupt place or state “a cesspool of corruption”.  I don’t see this area that way. Perhaps some are living in excess, or perhaps I have not been mindful of which seeds I have allowed to take root & grow. I see it as a close-knit, safe environment for my kids, safe from predators & bullies, and for me from burglary and rapists. And the clock is ticking for me to check my moral compass. What will my children learn from me? What will they learn from their friends?

Peace, bitches.

Bedtime, dear, God, come soon.

I am fading faster than the battery on my phone! I wish I could recharge as fast, though.

Today was exhausting. I’m exhausted. I can’t even think about anything except how amazing my body is going to feel cuddled up against the matress. And that joyous feeling of my pillow supporting my neck. Or that rapturous moment, when my eyes close for a long, peaceful sleep. A sleep free of a toddler’s feet lodged in my rib cage all night . . . Would be nice, but I am sooo not even complaining – as long as I can just flop on the bed & not one call. Not one more thing to think about, handle, work on, prepare, clean, tidy, respond to, organize, etc.

We are watching “What About Bob”, and  laughing our asses off. Still. The first sign that Diva is ready to go down for the night, I’m taking it.

Please. Let it be sooooon.

Total collapse!!

After being awake until 11PM last night because A/C broke (Hub flipped the breaker & voila), a tantrum (thrown by yours truly), last minute prep for our Cub Scout recruitment, and 2 long necks, I up at a God-forsaken 6:30AM, then get everyone else up so me & kids could meet Boo’s teacher at a ghastly 7:30AM, then immediately afterwards, run to help recruit scouts this morning, and after 2 hours of that, we stop to get gas before heading down to my shrink . . . Both kids fell asleep in the car getting home. Even Boo. He fell asleep with his comic book on his face!! So, my shortcut home on the tollway ended up a real journey as we hit construction. Pull in Jack in the Box, Diva’s still out & Boo is kinda out of it, get home, feed groggy kids, & finish up prep for tomorrow’s swim party, make some quick changes to our website, correspond with a few leaders . . . And Diva is sing, dancing, & jumping up & down while using me as her jungle gym instead of sleeping next to me.

No. Goin’ to the crib. 

I put her in her crib, & you’d think I cut off her arm!! She screamed. She thrashed around it like a crazed badger.  If you’ve ever seen a honey badger – those bitches are mean.

I set my phone to go off in half an hour. Screaming, jumping & losing her mind & all, but when my head hit the pillow,  the most I could muster was opening one eye twice to make sure Diva was ok. Occasionally I’d mutter “stop, sweetie,” or “you need to rest, baby.” But I was down. Body half-off the bed & unable to move.

I’m so tired right, I can’t think. I feel my stomach growl, & am moved to tears by the shear thought of having to make food or start the laundry. It may be cereal from the box tonight!

And I’ll have to shake more hands tomorrow poolside, in the 100°+ temps, trying to encourage more families to join Scouting & be a part of all the fun we have.

Childhood, where the days are long, but the years go by so fast. Today was all about my son, who will be 9 in a few short weeks. Already wanting to spend time with friends over family, and I know that will only increase more for the next 15 years or so, & there is not one damn thing I can do about it. So I volunteer to get him as much happy as possible while stealing some more memories for myself.

Tomorrow is about him, and continuing the Pack’s legacy here in Willow Bend. And my half-hour-long total body & mind collapse was not enough.

Monday, it is all about Diva. Full-on potty training. She will begin her daily schedule of coloring after breakfast, flashcards, working on her speech, snack, nap, late lunch, practice writing, get Boo from school, then some Barney while I catch up with him about his 1st day of 3rd grade.

Don’t worry. I’m sure I will have plenty of epic fails for ya’ll to chuckle about come Monday night. In the meantime, get your happy. Sleep is for the weak! (And right now, I’m feeling pretty damn weak!)

Peace, bitches

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