ADHD & OCD -Winning combo

So, Diva finally fell asleep. Snuggled next to me instead of Hubs. That’s a first.  So I sneak downstairs to grab Hub’s phone and our drinks (peach tea & a water). Thirty minutes later, I remember why I went down stairs. Facebook is crack for me. Each post is a quick burst of “oh look!” For my ADHD fix, and my OCD forces me to read every word of every link. 

I have been crazy-distracted today. Hopefully just the medications. Allegra & Rhinocort are terrible on my ADHD, but this drainage has GOT TO STOP!

At least the migraine from yesterday died (3 vicodin later). So I’m off to bed. A bit itchy (side effect), but no throbbing or nausea. Seriously may have to delete my FB ap off my phone. Pleasant dreams, when it gets to you. May we all have a terrific tomorrow!



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