Gender equality

Gender equality has been one subject that I tend to rant about.  It is something that always sticks out in my mind, and I find it hard to let go of. It permeates the fabric of everyday life to the most basic level.  I find myself feeling horrible for telling my daughter she is pretty, and always add that she is smart and funny. 

However, this morning on Facebook, I saw a video, and that was the last straw! Time for a rant.

In the video, a man & a woman each purchased products with similar ingredients, same brand, but the woman paid roughly $2 more per product. That is a load of crap!  So, not only do women get paid less than men for doing the same job, we pay more for the same products?! 

I have a Cliniq eye roller-ball for puffiness that is for men that I use because the same exact ingredients but labeled for women was twice the price, and didn’t come in a convenient roller ball applicator.  Had the associate nut told me about it, I wouldn’t have even known.  I thought it was ridiculous, but let it go . . . Until the video I saw.  This isn’t just boutique products, this unfair gender pricing extends to common products, like shaving creams, body wash, and deodorants. This is outrageous, and completely unfair!

Why do I have to pay more for the same ingredients? How is this legal?

Everyone on this planet has a mother.  Even a child orphaned had a mother that carried him or her for 9 months. So my point is that women make up half of our society. We are responsible for bringing life to all 100% of the lives in our society, yet we are treated unfairly, sometime brutally, and we are helpless to bring about any real change. 

We are discriminated against in the workplace, we are judged on our looks, we are made to pay unfair gender-based prices for products, we find ourselves degraded by the phrase “like a girl,” and I have to ask – where does it stop? When well this end?

More is expected from me than my husband. More will be expected of my daughter than my son. Women are expected to do the job of a man, take care of her family, and look pretty simultaneously, and without complaining or losing her cool, otherwise she gets a label. We are expected to accept all of this willingly, or we get a label.

Not long ago women were actually beaten, in the US because they sought the right to vote; the right to be considered an actual citizen of our own country.  That is just appalling to me. And in parts of the world, women are beheaded for reasons that just make no sense.  In other parts of the world, women are mere possessions, worth less than cattle.  And for the life of me, I just can’t get my head around that.  Human life has no value unless you are a man? If course, in some parts of the world, no life has value.

I guess it’s all about perspective.  But here in the US, I expect more. I expect this type of sexism to be socially unacceptable, but it’s not.  When in the world will we value one another, and treat each other fairly, and nut based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion?  I’m really over it, already. It’s not fair, and it makes me mad.

I’m not a fembot, but I refuse to stomach unfair, and downright despicable attitudes from society.  If you have our had a mom, sister, aunt, niece, or daughter, you owe it to her to speak up, and change the way you think.  Be better. Teach your kids better. And be the change you want to see.

That’s all.  I’m gonna go build a palace out of blocks with my daughter.  I may even color! And as I look at her, and think how unfair she has it, I’ll teach her to be strong enough to ignore society when they are wrong. And discrimination and unfair gender-based pricing are wrong!  That’s all.

Peace y’all.

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Reply April 23, 2015

Its funny to hear someone trying to tie marketing schemes to sexism. That BMW costs 2x as much as this Pink Volkswagen but they do the same thing!!! Must be sexist cause the Volkswagen brags about seating 7 (7 what? Kids?). What is that some sexist joke about its for women? lmao.. If the sky started dropping rain in Seattle I'm sure it'd be sexist too because their are more females.

    Reply May 7, 2015

    It's called the pink tax. And it's not just here in the US. Feel free to Google it.

Reply May 8, 2015

lol.. Googled and found that the "Pink Tax" isn't a tax at all but yet another deceptive term from the feminist movement.

"When it comes to buying power, consumer studies show women in the U.S. make up 72 percent of all household purchases."

It's all about supply and demand.

    Reply May 8, 2015

    Obviously, you didn't look beyond what you wanted to see. This except was taken from The New York Times, November 12, 2014:

    Of course, this problem exists outside of France. In 2010, Consumer Reports found that drugstores set higher prices for products directed at women. At Walgreens, for example, Excedrin Complete Menstrual cost 50 cents more than Excedrin Extra Strength, even though both contained the same ingredients in the same quantities. In 2011, researchers at the University of Central Florida found that women paid more for deodorants, razors and body spray sold at national retailers.

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