Like a boss! * Sorry for the language *

This morning started out amazing. It all went to hell as the kids and I walked into my shrink’s office.

However, when she read all of my notes,  she immediately began writing out various scripts to help with my anxiety. But before she could give them to me, she got to witness me taking control of a toddler meltdown like a real damn boss,  and without even breaking a sweat, I might add. She saw firsthand the type of crap that in dealing with, and more importantly, she saw I was handling it. 

Hells yeah, I’m a boss bitch!

Hells yeah, I’m a boss bitch! I may be a real southern hot mess, but I solve problems. I handle my shit. So she tore up the additional scripts, since she saw I was under legitimate stress, not self-inflicted or imaginary. No, I am a whole hot mess of stress, and I don’t need pills – I need a break. I need a lot more than that, too. 

And tonight, I went to  Sephora and got a total makeover. I need to get my nails done, too, but maybe later. And I have new pictures coming. But let me say this: it was worth every penny! I look and feel amazing!

Do stuff for you. Be damned the world. It ain’t going anywhere. Damn. I look good. I feel like I could take on 100 men, and none could keep up with me.

Glorious. I just ate a bag of turtles, because I can, and like I said, I need a lot more than just a break (if you know what I mean). 

Get your happy, one way or another. Life is short, and you owe it to yourself to do what is necessary to feel completely fulfilled. Get your happy!

Peace, y’all. #getyourhappy

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runaway nuns and leprechauns
Reply July 3, 2015

I get my happy from lots of places and I add new places as I go along. Thank you for providing me with some happy today!
By the way I'm sure you look and feel fabulous and you deserve each and every bit of that!

    Reply July 3, 2015

    Thank you! We all look fabulous, and it's the marketing world who is demented. The gym is my sanctuary, where I can get out my aggression in a positive way, and it really clears my head so I can find my focus.

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