Little Nuggets: Gold or Brown?

A Positive Attitude Determines Your Perspective

It’s the age-old philosophical question – Is the glass half empty, or half full? It all depends on having a positive attitude (and getting adequate sleep helps, too). The little nuggets that I ran across yesterday were both. First, I read a few posts from a fellow blogger, and her words packed quite the punch. I’ve added a link to her site for you.

Her emotions were raw, and vividly took me back to my first marriage, and what a hell it was. I suddenly began feeling very grateful for the husband I have now. Our marriage isn’t perfect (by a long shot) but we are each committed to the other, to making it work, and getting our happy. That truly makes all the difference.

Then, I opened an e-mail that contained a picture taken this past weekend. It was Diva and Hubs. The image literally stopped me cold. My daughter looked beautiful, and full of happy. She looked like a big girl; a girl it’s hard for a mom to really see.

She is growing up. As I began to get teary-eyed, laying in bed at noon (yes, NOON!!) Diva began to stir. I noticed her ornery mood as soon as I touched her skin, and she shimmied across the bed to get just beyond my reach. Okay, moment was over.

“Good morning,” I said. Nothing, but her sinking off the side of the bed.

“Mommy,” she belted out, as she lunged on top of me, just as vomit hit my shirt. NOW she wants me?! Her “little nuggets” were more of a greenish brown, but after I got her all cleaned up, I cradled her in my arms.

“This is absolute gold, right here.”

Hot Mess

I stood there holding Diva. She searched my eyes and face, as if she was looking at me for the first time. I have to admit, I was seeing her in a new way, too. This is absolute gold, right here, I thought. We are getting acquainted on a new level; her personality is developing, and she is expressing herself. Outwardly, her face is changing, as well as the rest of her. Not just her height and weight, but her hair is growing long, her neck is slimming, and she is becoming a little girl. This growing is both saddening, and joyous, as I’m looking forward to better behavior anxiously.

Life is filled with these little nuggets, both good and bad. A positive attitude, or lack thereof, will define your perspective. If the nugget is brown, see if it’s really gold covered in crap. That may take some washing, but isn’t it worth it? Go get your happy, even if means a little work – it’s worth it. You are worth it.

Peace, ya’ll.

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