Beauty and the Bigot*BAD Language!

Beauty and the bigot . . . Hardly.  I just thought it was a catchy title, and it addresses what is on my mind at the moment. I love my queens, so don’t think I’m hating on the gay scene in Beauty and the Beast, because that’s not the reason why.  Hell, I haven’t even seen the movie or the scene. My whole issue is why? Why on earth is it necessary to change Gaston’s henchman into a flamboyant gay man? Has Disney never heard about a man crush? It doesn’t mean one of the men is gay! Just stick to the story, dammit!!! The original story. 

I’m just so pissed off. That’s all.  There is so much damn drama going on right now in our country, so why in the hell did Disney have to add more fuel to the fire?  I mean really!! The original cartoon (gasp, not CG) movie was a box office hit. Did the story somehow become more profound, more deep with the addition of a closet forbidden gay love? Did it? Did it really?

My husband is straight. I’d never accuse him of being one of those closet homophobes because of some imaginary same-sex-tendencies, but, he was raised old school, and on some things, he is very conservative.  My swearing is something that really bothers him, and if I let so much as a “dammit” slip out after getting Diva’s Legos embedded in the arch of my foot, I get a “language?!” reminder from Hubs. Seriously. He’s a bit of a prude, but he is a good man.  So, when I saw Beauty and the Beast was coming out months ago, I asked him on a date to go see it – sans kiddos. And he agreed, even though this is a far cry from the type of movie he usually goes to see (Sci-Fi/Horror is more his speed – and those just give me nightmares).  I digress.  

My point is that I wanted to go watch this. I couldn’t wait. I have been anticipating this movie. A real date with my husband for the first time in years . . . and then it comes out (haha. no pun intended) that there is an openly gay man/scene for the first time in a Disney movie . . . MY Disney movie!!  And while watching men or women or any variation kiss really has little effect on me, it does on my husband. It makes him uncomfortable. That’s all. it just makes him feel awkward.  I can’t force him to like it. I can’t force him to like sugar free frozen yogurt, either. Can’t we all just like what we like? When did it  become an outrage if i choose NOT to like something that I’m “supposed” to love? I’ve read a few of Jamie Lee Curtis books, and in them, she says it’s okay to feel any way I feel. So, why isn’t that true for my husband? Why does he have to pretend he doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable? Why does a minority (sorry, LGBTQ, the straights still have you outnumbered – by a lot – not hatin, just statin) get to dictate how others MUST be made to feel, either by force, or by shaming them? That’s not very nice. Just saying. Out of respect for Hubs, we will forgo this one.

And another thing – If I’m so in the minority, let’s do some awesome all gay movies. Surely that would garner tons of people flocking to the theater . . . right? Why does everything have to be so damn progressive? And if I have an opinion other than what one group or another believes, then I’m labeled horrible names . . . and they don’t even know me! I’d never judge someone so harshly, and completely baselessly as I’ve seen done to strangers on social media.  I must be some kind of wicked troll, completely uneducated, all because I don’t want to go see a damn movie that is the screen adaptation of a classic Disney cartoon!!  WTF? I wanted to see a damn cartoon brought to life, people.  Was that really so much?! Obviously so.

If I want to see desperate homosexual tendencies, you know what? I’d watch Better than Chocolate.  I must say, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time, and guess what? It’s an LGBTQ movie. I loved it because it was about young love. It’s about coming of age, coming clean, and loving who you are – and being okay with yourself, and falling in love.  Because all actions have consequences, and the age old forbidden love story really never gets old to a hopeless romantic, like me.  I also love An Affair to Remember.

It just didn’t have to be added. It was a great story. Two guys, one girl . . . And now a minor third guy who, oh for the love of Haides!!

So, the world is, or damn sure should be ready for LGBTQ scenes, and characters in movies, not just films, and NOT as the punchline to a joke, either. And I am all for it! Total equality for everyone.  For that matter, mental and neurological illnesses should also find their place in Tinseltown, too.  However, I’m not going to ask my husband to stomach things that make him feel awkward, just like (I hope) he would never expect me to watch any of his classic horror movies that he loves so very much.

That’s all. I just wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast the movie, and now – thanks to the friggin inconsiderate libtard who had to make a few ghastly changes to one of my most favorite Disney classics​ – I will be waiting for it to come out on Bluray so I can watch it, maybe with my Jack (since I’ll always be his Karen – note the Will & Grace reference?).

There has just GOT TO BE some middle ground. Seriously. The LGBTQ folks are NOT being asked to sit at the back of the bus. Although they are requesting their own restrooms . . . so I’m not sure where to go with that . . . Uuuugh. Go to the bathroom that matches your genetic makeup. If you want to wear a dress, or duct tape your tits, go ahead, but for just those 3 minutes, can you please just take a piss quietly? I honestly don’t understand the big deal. 

I understand homelessness. I understand not having enough to make ends meet. I understand having to go without medical treatment because it’s damn expensive, and not everyone can afford it, even with insurance. I understand rape, and domestic violence. I understand spectrum disorders, and mental as well as neurological issues.I understand Cancer, and hunger, and I understand losing all hope. I understand racism, sexism, and bigotry. I understand discrimination. I know everybody hurts, and spreading hate hurts us all.

Fucking with a movie I’ve been dying to see is not something I understand, though; It’s more like the vagina march. WTF did that do? Did advertising execs stop all derogatory ads against women? Did they stop using airbrushed, retouched, picture perfect model figures? Did companies stop charging more for same products that were geared towards women? Do we now get paid equally?  Did men everywhere stop the subjugation of women? No. None of those things happened. Why? Because the march was all well and good, but it’s no better than shoving our no-no square in the faces of anyone who has eyes . . . just like Disney, in this case, and I’m just beyond pissed off, if you can’t tell. Why? Dear Zeus, WHY?!

I understand cigars, guns, fine wine, and aged scotch. Making a character gay for the shock value, or to ‘make a statement’ just pisses me off. You fucked up my date night, damn you, Disney. You are always fucking me! You locked up Beauty and the Beast, and so I had to buy the UK version, which means I don’t get the digital copy to put on my Disney Anywhere Ap. Do you see a pattern? Disney, or the Beauty and the Beast franchise HATES MY GUTS!!!  

That’s all. I hope you find some way to get your happy.  I’m going to eat bacon. A lot of it, then play with my kid’s Orbeez, because I am still getting my happy, dammit!

Peace, bitches.

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