Oh, and bacon!

This morning, I’m thankful for vanilla creamer in my coffee, wood floors, and Roomba. Oh, and bacon! Bacon makes everything better. I should be getting ready for Mass, but I can’t control Diva on my own (she has regressed to when she was 3), and Hubs didn’t sleep at all last night – both of us just sick about the London Bridge terror attacks – so we’ll be going to a later service.

After these latest attacks, my list of thankfulness seems small, insignificant, and petty, but that’s my point.  I get to be thankful for the simple joys, and modern conveniences that add quality to my life. There are six beautiful creatures who were taken last night, and they don’t have that luxury. Three villans savagely murdered innocents, and their place should be in a fiery pit of hell, but vengeance and forgiveness is not my topic today. Today it is about thankfulness and gratitude.

Today, I GET to be thankful for fancy coffee! While across the pond, mothers and fathers are thankful their children made it home safe. Today, people are grateful to get calls from aunts, uncles, grandparents and grandchildren, mums and dads – humbly grateful they get to hear a beloved voice one more time.

As sickened as I am . . . as much as I want to ball up in a corner and cry for London, I will not! I will rise up. I will be joyful. I will enjoy my breakfast, and get ready for the day. Terror will not win. Hate will not win. It can’t. Our own humanity is at stake. We must all find a way to get that big happy, and show everyone that we honor all of those massacred, from 9-11 to London Bridge, that we, citizens of this world, we are better than the hate that’s meant to destroy us.

Be thankful for cell service. Be thankful for warm hugs. Be thankful for bacon, and caviar with cream cheese. Be thankful for Krispy Kreme, greasy hamburgers, and loud music. Find happiness in birthday cakes, holding hands, and fireworks! Honor all those who have lost their lives at the hands of terrorists by being thankful, and spreading love, in the place of hate.

Peace, ya’ll

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