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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a southern hot mess? I’m a cracked Stay-At-Home-Mom who’s very opinionated and extremely under-medicated. I battle ADHD, OCD, my kids, and daily life with flare. Join me as I slam through life like a bull in a china shop. It’s better if you just go with it . . .

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I’m 40 and am trying to embrace the craziness while searching for that big happy is what this blog’s about. And it’s a struggle for all of us. I serve as your dose of “holy shit, thank God I’m not her!”

I am remarried to the sweetest man who ever drove me up the wall, Hubs. Together, we have a daughter, and I have a son from a previous marriage. I am college-educated, outspoken, and pretty much a southern hot mess, as most of my friends call me. I’m a stay-at-home-wife/mom (SAHM), but before that, I was a personal assistant to a millionaire. I have OCD, which contributes to the “mess,” plus I have “issues with rage,” so my posts should prove interesting.

Klonipin and wine are my saving graces.

Grandmother #1 has Alzheimer’s and keeps getting “asked” to leave nursing homes, Dad has PTCL (Cancer) since Oct. 2012, so if the kids, or the kids aren’t making me nuts, my extended family can push me over the edge. Most days I am hanging on by an unraveling thread, anyway, so I don’t need much help.

I have very strong feelings about our political machine, government agencies not protecting citizens, GMO, and processed foods, among many others pet peeves.

Check in and enjoy a laugh. I hope you can empathize, sympathize, or laugh at my expense – someone should benefit from the shit I get myself into… oh, and I have some MAD cooking skills (not always practicing what I preach on eating clean) , but check out my recipes, anyway.

Oh yeah, and I was diagnosed early 2013 with ADHD, so I have that going for me, too. After research, that’s where my tantrums and rage come from.

As I struggle to find balance and security in the lack of stability, I’m still chasing that one, big happy.  Stay tuned, because I bitch about everything. But I also see the lessons of living . . . Most of the time. When I’m not losing my mind about something completely random or stupid, I’m ranting about everything that’s messed up in the world, especially our own country. I try, God help me, I try to end on a positive thought.

This blog, in a nutshell, is about how difficult it is to fit in, and behave appropriately in a mad world while dealing with my own neurological problems, to raise awareness, and make sure others know they are not alone. There’s a ton of us.


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